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Howard Dwayne Dorough

Howard Dwayne Dorough

Howard Dwayne Dorough, more commonly known as Howie, Howie D, Sweet D, Skipper, or the Latin Lover, was born on August 22, 1973. That makes him a Leo. He is half Irish, half Puerto Rican. He is the youngest of the family with four siblings, named Angie, Caroline, Pollyanna, and John. Howie used to be known as Little Howie when he was a younger, being the baby of the family. He was an energetic kid, and his favorite toy was his "Batman motorcycle. It was one you could actually ride. I rode the heck out of that; I thought I was Robin. I could do wheelies on it, but I kept busting my butt." He speaks Spanish (Howie suggested that the Boys do "I'll Never Break Your Heart" and "Anywhere For You" in Spanish as well as English). This courageous guy has tried new food in every single country they've visited.

Howie's talent was first discovered when he jumped on his grandmother's bed and started singing "Baby Face," a song he and his mother used to sing together. He says his music was influenced by Michael Jackson, whom he used to listen to at the age of nine. "He's a great artist. He's incredibly talented." Howie also says, "...I had the album, I had Michael Jackson's glove, and I even had the Thriller skateboard." The first play he did was "The Wizard of Oz," in which he was a munchkin. However, his pants were too big, since he was such a tiny kid, and they kept falling down. He had to keep a hold on them throughout the play. Howie has since participated in talent shows and auditions, and supposedly he once lost a talent show to AJ. He used to perform in community theatre, in plays such as "The Sound Of Music," "Showboat," and "Camelot." He also did a Nickelodeon pilot called "Welcome Freshman." He did commercials for Disney World, and the films "Parenthood" and "Cop And A Half."

He was one of the first Boys. You can tell him apart from the others by his high falsettos. He also has a beautiful, lower, singing voice, which can be heard in many of the songs. Howie also has an entire solo song, but neither of us has heard it. He is a professionally trained dancer.

Howie takes pride in his hair. He doesn't like it being messed up, and the Boys know it. According to Nick, who has roomed with Howie on the road, he occasionally snores. Howie drinks a cup of herbal tea with honey and lemon in it before every show, and does sit-ups every night to keep his stomach muscles toned. According to the Boys, he's a sensitive, sweet and peaceful person which is how he got the nickname "Sweet D".