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The Backstreet Empire

Hi!! We're Stef and Tara and we're obsessed with the Backstreet Boys!! If you don't like the BSB we strongly suggest you just stop reading now and leave because all you are going to see is BSB stuff. What we may say and do is strictly our opinion and if you take offense to it...well that's your problem (we have no clue why but some people do). We hope you like our site!! Before you leave remember to SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!! Remember to vote for your favorite BSB on our poll! Feel free to send us ideas, pictures, whatever!! KTBPA!!

*For odd reasons, if you feel compelled to send hatemail, well then...BRING IT ON!

December 2, 1999
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    We seriously hope everyone realizes that when you press that submit button you are sending your statement into out hands. If you says something nice it stays the same. You say anything mean we change it. WE RESERVE THIS RIGHT. No C-O-P-Y-R-I-G-H-T-I-N-G (learn to spell before you insult us) will work hence the fact we will just delete it if we can't change it. Come on we all know that you think the changes are funny! People that have been here since January 99
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    Leave a message on our message board! We're sure that by now everyone knows about the books Brian's and AJ's ex-girlfriends are writing. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!!! This is sooooo wrong! How could you do this to someone you once loved? Why would you do it? Nevermind, we know that answer to that. MONEY. We can't stop them, but we don't have to support them either. DON'T BUY THE BOOK.

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    DISCLAIMER:We are in no way, shape, or form related to or actually know the BSB...yet. We are just major fans.

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