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Fashion Dolls 101

This website is an introduction to Fashion Dolls, particularly the BarbieŽ Doll, for the new collector.

The information found on these pages is intended to answer the following Frequently Asked Questions:

Hallmark Victorian Skater. This is the doll that got me started as an adult collector.

(1) Where can I find the latest information about Fashion Dolls?

(2) How can I talk to other collectors?

(3) How much is my doll worth?

(4) What doll do I have? What outfit do I have?
What are some books on dolls?

(5) I want to sell my dolls. Where can I do that?

(6) Where are some good places to shop for dolls?

(7) Can I restore my older dolls?
Includes index to articles in Barbie Bazaar and Miller's magazines.

(8) What is customizing?

(9) What does this mean? Terminology for Collectors.

(10) I want to start a BarbieŽ Doll club. How do I do that?

(11) What happens at a BarbieŽ Doll Collectors' Convention?

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Page last updated 5/4/02

This page is authored by Sarah, a doll collector and former member of the Charlotte BarbieŽ Doll Club. The views expressed on this website are my own and are based on personal experience in the collecting world and/or research in the many books and magazine articles on Fashion Dolls, including the BarbieŽ Doll. I am not affiliated with a doll club at this time. I asked Yahoo and other service providers to remove this link from their directories. I am sorry if you reached this page in error, but perhaps you will find the information on my site useful.