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Welcome to Avalanch Underground. This site is dedicated to Final Fantasy VII(and hopefully all of the Final Fantasy games) the greatest game ever. This page is will be upgraded a lot(hopefully). If you have any comments feel free to send them to me. Thank's.

2.21.2001-Arrrggg!!!!! I am running out of good ideas for my site. I am curently trying to get the other parts of it up and running (the rest of the Final Fantasy games section) but other than that i don't know what to do! So if you have any sugestions, send 'em on in! I am also saving up money so i can buy my own domain name, so ver soon(hopefully) I will move to a new domain!

2.2.2001- Happy new year! It is alittle late but hey, at least i said it. I have been creating new graphics fo the site lately, and i will be gradually changing over to them. I think I will also be changing this into a site for all of the Final Fantasy games to hopefully bring in more trafic. I would also like to say that if you have tried to e-mail me, the address is worng. So if you have sent me any e-mail since 8.11.2000 you probably havent gotten a reply. so please direct your e-mails to and i will try to e-mail you back.

8.11.2000- The Characters page is up and running now. Hope you enjoy it! You can click here if you want to see it, or you can use the main menu. I am starting a quest, to beat every Final Fantasy game. Here are the games I still have to beat: Final Fantasy I, II, III, V, and VIII. I am almost done with VIII. I will kep you all up to date on it. IMPORTNAT: I got a new E-Mail address it is And do your part to help me out (and your self out) by clicking here. thanks

8.10.2000- I put the navigation bar up today. I need to fix it so it gose to the main window instead of it own window. i also added the little finger graphic. I will be useing it a lot on my site. I also worked on the main menu. I need to adjust my frames so that it all fits, and last but not least! I got the entrance graphic made and coded(it was a pain in the ass).

8.9.2000- I am working on a new main page, and entrance. The entrance is gonna be cool once I get it up and working. I moved the big Areis Revival thing to its own little section. If you want to read it click hereand enjoy! I also got rid of the chat room because of lack of interest. Just go to the message board and you will have all of your questions answerd.

8.8.2000- I started working again on this page. It has been around a year since I last updated it. Hopefuly there will be lots of changes(for the better). Parts of the site will be down temporarilly, but I will work to get the up as fast as possible.

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