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My Rants

Well, I don't rant much anymore... maybe one day i'll start updating this page again... If you have something to rant about, mail it to me and maybe we will have a guest rant for that day. My e-mail address is on the main page.

Rant of: 8-2-99
Today's guest rant is from Barkan.

Own personal rant is mixed hyena/gnoll lairs, I _HATE_ gnolls and large gnolls, since they often hit my lower level chars so hard they drop from 20-30 hp or so, right down to death, without even the warning beep of low hp. Arrrg. Lost many characters because of the stupid things.

Rant of: 7-30-99

There is something wrong with sickness. Sickness in ADOM is much much too quick and deadly. Each turn takes between 30 and 35 seconds of gametime. After eating a kobold, the character's Strength and learning were decreased by 2, Willpower by 3, Dexterity by 5, and Appearance by 1. Toughness was not affected. Every turn after eating the kobold, the character lost between 2 to 6 Hitpoints a turn. I don't understand how someone could be so utterly sick as to die 10 minutes after contracting an illness. It's just not right for the char to lose that many HP that fast. What I think should happen when a character is sick, is that all stats should be lowered (strength and toughness considerably lowered) so that the PC does not have as many total HP. His speed should decrease, he should need more food, his rolls should be affected, &c. He should not, however, lose 6 HP a turn! Nobody gets sick that fast. I do think that sickness should last longer, though. Right now, a PC usually stays sick for Less than 6 hours. Nobody recovers from sickness that fast, either! Sickness should last for days or even weeks, but it should not be so quick like it is now. Poison should do that.

Rant of: 7-29-99

Ok, I was playing this morning for 2 hours trying to get this retarded (literally) troll bard to go down to Dwarftown so he could get the potion of literacy and finally get somewhere. This is a level 8 troll by the way. Playing G10. He get's to the big room, immediately gets surrounded by spiders, then runs and hacks his way to the stairs and barely escapes alive (being severly poisoned). Anyway, he goes to Dwarftown and the Dwarven elder says "I want ye to slay a bugbear to prove yer valor." Fine. Goes back down to the big room. Decides to take on the spiders, so he backs into a corner and slashes until he is almost dead, then prays and finishes killing the spiders. Ok. Heads to the up stairs, and what does he find? A horde of gray "j"'s heading at him. In the next 100 turns he was surrounded by gray oozes, lost his weapon, and died. Now I think that in G15, summoners and breeders should be banned from the big room. They get far too powerful.

Rant of: 7-28-99

Well, since this is the first day of my ranting, I should rant about the thing that irks me the most. And, of course, that thing is Piety Loss. Piety loss is Way Too Formidible (WTF), and powerful. And I don't understand why my god thinks that I don't like him/her anymore just becuase I don't sacrifice a live monster to them every 100 turns. It is so powerful now, that, despite my best efforts, I cannot seem to get my god to crowm me. I spend almost an hour leading the stoopid monsters up to the dwarftown altar and no matter how long I do it, when I pray and there is nothing wrong with me, "Your prayer goes unheard." WTF??? Anyway, because of piety loss, I'm still playing gamma 12 and 10 (10 mainly, as it's the only one that makes sense).