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This challenge takes place from the time you start the game.


It only takes place in the Infinite Dungeon.


This challenge is a great test of patience and determination. It's a lot like Ironman, with a few differences. As with Ironman, you start the game and proceed directly to the Infinite Dungeon. The object of the game from this point on is to get as deep as you can into the Infinite Dungeon. Unlike Ironman, you do not have to leave the level when you see the stairs. You may stay on any level as long as you like, to gain experience, artifacts, or whatever else you like. The only stipulation is this: once you have gone down, you can never go back up. For example, when you go down to level 2, you may never go back up to level one. This challenge requires much more skill and patience, as opposed to the others which require mainly luck.

I don't know if the Infinite Dungeon has a bottom, and I doubt it does, but I do think it would be interesting to see what kind of monsters are at say, level 3000. There may even be new ones we don't know about at very very low levels. Only Herr Biskup knows that. Still, I think it would be a fun thing to do, maybe to incite competition among players as well.


Since you cannot go back up to a level once you go down, I would spend a lot of time on every level gaining experience and weapons. You really do not want to find that your PC is going to end horribly because you sank into the Dungeon too fast. So take your time, look for weapons and artifacts, and be patient.


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The Deepest PC's:

From Moloch King Sabbath: 31292790 Orion. L50 trollish priest (M). 166532566 xps. 815037 turns.
Died on 3/5/99. He was killed by a greater moloch (after winning) on level 1223 of some ancient caves.