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The Ironman Challenge


The Ironman Challenge takes place in the Infinite Cavern. The Infinite Cavern is almost directly south of Terinyo, in the south-eastern part of the mountains. When you enter, the message at the top of the screen will say "These caverns seem to be endless." The dungeon level indicator will say "I1."


The Infinite Cavern must be the first thing you enter in the game. You may not enter Terinyo or any other cave. You may not enter the wilderness except to fight. You must read all books you start out with after you enter the cavern.


The object of the challenge is to go down to a very deep level (sixty seven actually) and retrieve an artifact, guarded of course by a powerful monster. Whenever you see the staircase leading downwards, you must go down it. This is what makes this challenge so difficult. It's only been accomplished once to my knowledge.


You should probably spend as much time in the part of the level you have explored (where you know the staircase isn't) as possible. This will let you gain some levels besides those you would gain solely from searching the entire level once. The artifact you are seeking is part of the Chaos Trinity, and it should be fairly apparent you have found it when you get to it.