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Umm...What's ADOM?

Page Update!

10-28-02 -- Well, I've finally given this poor, neglected website a bit of attention, for the first time in about two years. I've changed the graphics a bit, hopefully the page is now a bit more coherent and easier on the eyes. If anyone visits here any more, I'd like to hear any suggestions or comments regarding the page in general. If anyone has ideas for new Metalman challenges or Cheesemen to send in, my e-mail is at the bottom of the page, and I'll try to update the page regularly. Thank you for your patronage, and happy ADOMing :)

Is dying in the dwarven halls beginning to lose its charm? Getting tired of meeting acid vortexes just as you emerge on the other side of the Live Forest? Do you feel that you're going to projectile vomit the next time you see a cute puppy corpse? Well, my friend, this page is for you.

The Metalman Challenges are a way to liven up the play of ADOM by giving up on the main story line and instead concentrating on tedious tasks that you can never hope to actually accomplish. Not only do these challenges give new methods of play, but also give insight into how the game system works when observed from a different angle. By trying some of these, you'll find ways to improve your serious characters in the future.

As always, if you ever accomplish Ironman or Eternium-man, you'll be remembered for years to come as the Grandmaster of it all. You'll be revered for your superior skilled and envied for your keen intellect. But first, you have to win...

The Metalman Challenges:

The Ironman Challenge

The Eternium-man Challenge

The Aluminum-man Challenge

The Goldman Challenge

The Leadman Challenge

The Mercuryman Challenge

The Steelman Challenge

The Titanium-man Challenge