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This one takes place throughout the whole game. From the time you enter to the time you leave.


Everywhere! In Terinyo and The Caverns of Choas and especially in the Casino.


The object of this game is to become as filthily rich as possible. How do you do that? You never spend any money. What else? You start in the mountains, and play the game as usual except for some things. You may never buy anything. This includes Shriek's keys, training, Smithing, or anything from any store. Also, you are so greedy in this challenge, that whenever you see a store (excluding Food Emporium, Black Market, and Waldenbrook's), you must sell everything that you have that the store will buy. An example: You are in level 5 of the Village Dungeon, surrounded by white worms. You find a blessed scroll of vermin control, and, just as you are about to read it, you see the scroll store. So what do you do? Sell it for 200g.(End Example) Another thing; you can never drop any gold either. As for the Casino, you may bet all you like, as long as you have more money than when you entered. When you start to lose money, you must quit and leave. Also, you may not sacrafice any gold. Why is this challenge so hard? Because gold (lots and lots of it, at least), weighs a lot. But the richer you finish the game, the better you did.


Find a girdle of greed and bless it.


1. You may gamble all you want in the Casino, but you may not leave until you have made a profit. This makes gambling very risky.

2. Use gold as your only weapons. This means both missile and melee.(If shopkeepers can do it you can too.)