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Eternium Man


The Eternium Man Challenge starts just after entering the game. You may not enter Terinyo or any other village just as with Ironman. You may not read books in the wilderness.


This challenge takes place in the small cave just northwest of Terinyo. You will know you have found the right cave if in the "cave level" display at the bottom of the screen it says "SMC". It should be understood that this challenge takes place only in the first level of the small cave. The PC may not go down to level 2 or up to the surface until a certain point.


The object is to simply stay in one place. This sounds simple except the one place is the most dangerous dungeon level in the game. And you must stay there a long time. You will enter the cave at experience level one, and your PC may not leave until it reaches level 50. This sounds very boring and simple when compared to staying in the Village Dungeon until level 50, but the monster-generation rate of the small dungeon is unbelievable. Not only that, but monsters get very experienced very quickly. This challenge is extremely difficult if it is possible at all. But if you complete it, you will be remembered for centuries to come.


The best strategy would probably be to find a small room with a nice strong door and close it as needed. My experience with this challenge has been that, as you advance in levels, the monster types remain relatively the same, but the monsters' experience levels go out of sight. As a result, most of them will not be able to open the doors(such as rats, bats, dogs, etc...). I have heard that some have had good results with elementalists, but you'll have to experiment. Anyone getting past level 10 in this challenge has accomplished something impressive.


1. This is impossible... no variations needed.