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Ever had a character die in an extremely stupid, needless, or embarrasing way? Of course you have... it is an essential part of the ADOM experience. Here's your chance to share your shame with the rest of the world... by emailing me your most horrible deaths. Cheers.

From: Blanning:

1. Guy who descended a stairway, walked one step and fell into a river which I couldn't see, and drowned on the same turn. 2 (much funnier). I'd made it to the top of the ToEF for the first time in my life. I had teleporting corruption and teleport control. I explored all the rooms and found no way into the main room, so I searched the walls for a secret door (turns out I should have mined). I thought 'well, I'll just keep trying to teleport behind the wall and if there's nothing there I'll just teleport into the area I've cleared out, right?' Wrong. I tried it, my control slipped and I teleported straight into the middle of all those fire demons and stuff. I made a valiant effort at ice balling them, but I ran out of the 'charges' for them and got clobbered by fire demons.

From: Alex Harris:

All of the cheesemen so far have been weak. I reckon mine takes the cake. Rohnan, my level 50 human weaponsmith with up to 130 DV and 70 PV (depending on what i wield) was heading down to level 48 to finish the game. He was all fired up to kick some chaos ass until, oh no!, he was eaten by a salavating grue wating at the bottom of the stairs. That was the quickest death i have ever experienced. Just try to top that. Lord Griff

From :Angela Hull:

Here is a good candidate for a stupid death I've just been crowned champion and run out of food hurry back to terinyo and i think i'm going to make it and then i starve to death at the entrance to the shop

From:Tuomo Heinonen:

My trollish healer was doing just fine, until..I happen to run into the tough levels that can be used to bypass the living trees. I do not notice it until after that quickling queen has attacked me.. Standing in the middle of a room the queen always stopped 2 blocks away from me in a position where I couldn't zap her.. And as I had nothing to throw I decided to back up into a narrow tunnel. Unfortunately the only useful wand I had was a wand of lightning.. But I decided to take the risk even though I knew the bolt would hit me too (the queen would have killed me anyway). So I zap and kill the queen.. the bolt hits me.. hit points are really low. I thought I had made it but then my manual of bridge building ignites.. hit points at -1.. Still, I do not die (yet) because I gain a level and get my hit points to 14.. I am so amazed by this that I call my friend who is also an ADOM-freak.. then I start to think..I'm poisoned.. I did have poison resistance, but I wond red if it would be enough.. I drink a potion of healing and still die from poisoning the same turn.

From: Dan'l Danehy Oakes:

My nominee is a F-TrollBarb (another incarnation of Vanitas) who got the FroggieQuest from a pool on the first level of the PC. Second level, a mixed tension room with a frog in it. She worked through the room, killed everything but the frog, and 'C'hatted it up. Frog claimed to be a prince and asked for a kiss. She kissed it, got a wart, and then the damn thing attacked her, critically hit, and killed her... Aaaargh!

From: Dr. Jekyll:

I had a dwarven fighter (M). Thernill II was doing extremely well ('cept teleportitis) having a ring of ice, some marvelous ammo and Long Sting thanks to a vault. He tested out a wand by zapping and it turned out to be a wand of monster creation. What the... WEREWOLF LORD???!!!! I run away and get teleported straight into a horde of wolves... I hate the RNG.

From: Matti Wikstrom:

My 18-level gray elven elementalist has died 3 times because of diamond golem in arena. 3 times I developed it from 2-level. 8 artifakts.

From: Rockyt:

I had a level 8 dwarven blacksmith who had just finished the "Kill Keethrax" quest. When the Druid gave me my reward, which was a spellbook and a wand, I tried to read the book. It got me confused! I staggered and fell into the nearby water.....Drowned! What a dumb way to go!!!

From: Justice McPherson:

I started up a elf Necromancer and wandered into the Carpenter quest. I went to equip my stuff and all I had for weapon was a dagger. yuck. Well at least I get the usual necromancer spell, right? No such thing. I had a scroll of familiar summoning. So I figured i'd see what I could get and maybe my familiar could fight things for me till I found a better weapon and a spell or three. So what should my familiar be but a Fire Vortex. Just at that moment, in came the meddling goblin and it just HAD to attack it.. boom!

From: Hitokage:

I had a Lvl. 9 Mindcrafter named Gren. He blasted the Crime Lord with His Wand of Acid. After a few dozen Mind Blasts Hotzenplotz and one of his bouncers fell. THe other one was chasing Gren around the town. He went to the Mad doctor's and unlocked the door. Why was it locked? Earlier, He "accidentally" hit the Doctor with a mind blast . He opened the door and in a panic fired his wand of lightning in the wrong direction and fried himself.