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Important Information About Australian Shepherds

The aussie is bred to be a working dog as well as family protector. They have high energy and are only happy when kept challenged, both mentally as well as physically. Since the australian shepherd is not the breed for everyone, please visit the Purina site to see if it's the right breed for you and your lifestyle. If you have decided that the aussie is the perfect breed for you, please visit the sites below to locate aussie rescue organizations as well as locate breeders. Also, please take the time to read the article on why people get rid of their aussies. This is a wonderful article and one in which all prospective aussie owners should read. Please be aware that it is against ASCA Code of Ethics to sell aussies to Pet Stores. More importantly, you will be able to purchase a healthier aussie, of better quality, for less money when purchasing from respectable breeders.

My Dogs

Curry (front), Bree, and Mystique - 5/04

Bree, Curry, and Cody - 9/00
Curry, Bree, and Cody - 12/01

Curry, Bree, and Cody - 3/00

Pamela Christian
North Carolina

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