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~ Sonny's Personal Home Page ~

A tragic event happened in the life of A Man and his Loved One together.
The "One Special Person" in his life was afflicted with a very rare illness called CJD

Please visit the World Wide Web pages of the "CJD FOUNDATION, Inc.". It is one of the few WWW Sites that has valid and scientific information about this terribly debilitating and misunderstood rare illness. Please also consider making a tax deductable contribution directly to this organization to help further research into the treatment and prevention, and into finding a cure for CJD.

Also, please visit the "CJD Voice", created by two very dedicated women, "Liz" Armstrong and "Dolly" Campbell! There are Helping Hands By State there, for anyone who has lost, or is losing a loved one to this illness. Liz and Dolly created this, the very first CJD related Web Site, when they lost loved ones of their own to

Shirley's Memorial   & Reflections Page
She's My Wonderful Guardian Angel Now, And I Know She'd Like You To Visit

~ More About Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease or "CJD" ~

"The Moving Finger Writes And Having Writ Moves On, Nor All Your Tears Wash Out A Word"

My Name is Sonny. I and my best friend, wife and love, Shirley, relocated to the Durham, North Carolina area, from Sykesville, Maryland near Washington, D.C. In December, 1996 we took new jobs and began a "new life just as a couple again", after raising two really good kids. Shirley and I were both native Marylanders and she was a "single mom", when we met in 1977 and then soon fell in love. During the wonderful years we spent together, we shared many fun filled and meaningful experiences. Fishing and vacationing at the beautiful and unspoiled Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina was high on our list of enjoyments. Spontaneous day trips, doing little things, and just Being A Couple together, were all part of the love relationship we shared and kept. But then so suddenly it seemed, she had to leave to be in God's love.

Now she is A Newest Angel. And I know that she wanted to be my angel, because she told me so with her eyes when she was dying. There's a poem I wrote in gratitude to her. It describes how she found a way to express her love for me, in spite of the terrible disability of CJD. For many weeks she could not speak or move her body, and she was left only her spirit to share with me. I know she wanted to grant my wish to be holding hands and to walk with her as far as I could, when she left to seek God. And I also know she wanted to help to heal me! I posted a poem in her honor on November 22, her birthday, in the "Members' Stories" at "The CJD Voice".
There are many stories about CJD there. Stories of people's losses of loved ones to this terrible illness.
I called my poem "Kissed By The Soul Of A Newest Angel".
I hope those who read it will find inspiration in the love of a woman for a man, and in the wonder of the Human Spirit.

Thanks for visiting my "Page". I created it in 1999 to help make more people aware of CJD, and in the hope that this awareness will spawn more research into finding treatments for CJD and ultimately to cure it! If you'd like to contribute to the CJD Foundation, Inc. or to The Triangle Hospice at "The Meadowlands" in Hillsboro, NC, you can do this at no cost, just by "clicking"! Please visit Page 2 of my "home page" and click on the Sponsors there.


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~ Page Two Of My Home Page. You Can Help To Fight CJD ~

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