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Man O'War Links

The American Galopper of the Century - use Altavista Translater from German to English
Award For Excellence
Belmont Stakes Winners
Busher - Mayer
Carly's Man O'War Fan / Chat board
CBS Sportsline - Top 100 Racehorses of the 20th Century
The Champion
Dream Race o'War edges Secretariat as horse of century Man o'War came close to perfection
Famous Horses
Favourite Horse Sites - Man o'War Links
Gallery of Greats - Man O'War
Historical Stories - Horse Racing Industry
Historical Stories - Horse Racing Match Races
Horse of the Century
Horse Racing Memorbilia Online Museum - Man O'War
Lexington Herald-Leader -- July 27, 1997
The Life and Amazing Career of Man o' War
Man O'War
Man O'War - 1917
Man O'War 2
Man O'War by Shelly Whitehead
Man o'War chosen as horse of the century
Man O'War Information
ManOWar: Information about Man o'War....
Man O'War - Horseracing - 11/01/97
Man O'War match race with Sir Barton
Man O'War - Big Red
Man O'War - The Final Thunder
Man O'War - The Greateast Thoroughbred Racehorse
Man o'War - Racing Icon
Man O' War Shop:
MuGsY's Man O'War Site
National Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame - Horse Racing
NMR Hall of Fame
Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum
Performances of Belmont Winners
Photo Index - Horse Racing
Preakness Stakes Winners from 1873 to 1997
Racing's Greatest Stallion....
Research Library - Hall of Fame
Roadside Pet Cemetary: Man O'War
Screensavers - Horse Racing
A Storied Past
Storm Creek-Man o' War
Thoroughbred Champions: Top 100 Racehorses of the 20th Century
Thoroughbred Legends: Man O'War - Man O'War things
Triple Crown Winners
Who was the Greatest of them all?
Who's the Best?
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November 21, 2009

Beth Chaisson