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Man O'War Webring List!


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About this ring:  This is a personal made webring
                            about the great legendary racehorse
                            Man O'War who blazed into
                            the racing scene in 1919 and
                            raced till 1921 when he retired
                            to stud at the age of 4.

Ringmaster: Beth Chaisson <>

Site(s) Listed Within Ring

1. Man O'War by Beth Chaisson
This site is devoted to the greatest racehorse in history, Man O'War!

2. Man O'War Info by Kristin
Bare information relating to Man O'War's career, including statistics, his records and analysis of them, his typical finishing characteristics, his competition, racing conditions of the day, excuses he could have used if he lost, etc. Information at a glance to understand the whole context%

3. Man O'War: The Greatest Thoroughbred Racehorse by Liz
Full site dedicated to Man o'War. Full race record, pedigree bios, connection bios and mroe. Also page on War Admiral.

4. A Tribute to Horses by What About Hank's Homepage
A great place on the Web to learn about Man o' War and Secretariat!!!

5. The Life and Times of Man O'War by Valerie Wierzbicki
A site in tribute to the great horse who lived more than 50 years ago. Accurate information and A LOT of pictures

6. Man O'War by Alicia McDuffie
A site designed to inform people about the great racehorse, Man o'War. Lots of photos, and a bio on Big Red. Site is still under construction, and will be for some time, but everything that's there works, lol.

7. Man O'War Memorial Statue by Kathy Hillard
Page about Man O' War's special grave memorial site at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.  Several photos of his statue and the things surrounding it, such as his relatives grave markers, signs about his career, and his stride markers, etc.

8. Laz's Story by Stone Holme
Laz, aka Stone Holme, is a great great great grand baby of Man O'War and War Admiral, thought it'd be neat to tie his site into the ring.

9. Headed West by Sherrie Engler
T-shirts and sweat shirts with the pictures of champion race horses.