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Man O'War

(b. 3/29/1917 - d. 11/1/1947)

Hello, I'm Beth. I've been in love with Man O'War ever since I first found out about him when I was a teenager. It's very difficult to find a web page about the legendary racehorse. So I'm making one, any info I find I'll put on here. I'll have sites with more info about him.

Some people of today seem to think that Man O'War was just a great horse of his time not the greatest. Their reasoning is the fact that all his records he set has been beaten. Well here's a bit of trivia for everyone.

1. When Man O'War was racing they were using IRON shoes on the hooves, not the aluminum Secretariat was using.
2. The track wasn't as fast, looser. So it made a horse a bit slower, the ground wasn't as packed down.
3. During Man O'War's time there was no limit on how much weight a 2 or 3 yr old carried. So unlike Secretariat and Seattle Slew (who carried 115 lbs), Man O'War was carrying 130lbs at the age of 2 and one time he carried 138 at the age of 3. Unheard of in this century.

So if you look at the facts I just mentioned, even if it is few, they show that Man O'War was a pretty impressive horse.

He made all those amazing records with weight against him at a VERY young age. That is why he is tops on my list. If you find any more links about Man O'War please click on my name and email me and let me know the address, it's hard to find information on him and any help would be greatly appreciated. All the information I have right now is under Man O'War Information there you will see 3 lists. One for his descendants, the 2nd is other links on Man O'War, and the 3rd a list of his 1st generation foals. I hope you're not disappointed on what you see on those links about, in my opinion, THE greatest race horse in the history of American horse racing..

Thank you,

Beth Chaisson

Man O'War Information
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Descendants of Man O'War and his pedigree
Man O'War's 1st generation foals

Updated: February 28, 2013

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