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K.T. Oslin isn't only a great singer and songwriter, she is also a funny comedian, whether she tries to be or not! I have listed some Quotes from K.T. from various interviews I've seen and read that I think are funny.

-On the Crook and Chase Show 1/26/98 when she accidently said we when refered to herself and she said "We're not scinofrintic are we? I call her Connie."

-When accepting the Award for 1988 ACM Female Vocalist she said "I better hurry this up, I'm getting older by the minute."

-On Larry King Live from 11/16/98 she said "I'm should write a song about Menopause."

-On Today's Country from 3/97 a 16 year old boy called in and told her she was his favorite singer. She replied "Oh young man, can I carry your bookbag?"

-On Today's Country from 3/97 she sad "I won't write a 90's version of 80's Ladies because the only thing I can find to rhyme with 90's is hineys."

-K.T. Oslin embarrassed Martina McBride during Martina's Nashville Symphony concert Saturday. When K.T. told Martina her grandmother lived to be "a hundred and a half," Martina thought that meant her grandmother died at 150. K.T. jokingly told the crowd "She's beautiful, she's thin, she sings like a bird -- and she's dumb!"

-A fan e-mailed me and told me she attended a concert in 80's and KT fell on stage but kept singing while trying to use a microphone stand to get up, then she fell again. KT said "Folks I'm not drunk but I sure as hell will be after this show!"

I bought Ralph Emerys new book today "50 Years Down a Country Road." He tells storys about his encounters with Country stars over the years. Listen to this one he has on KT.....

"I cohosted the first TNN Awards show back in the mid-1980s. Sharing my emcee duties with K.T. Oslin. The show opened with a song from the Oak Ridge Boys and our first big special effect: The Oaks would magically appear from smoke. As the machines turned on and the stage filled with smoke, K.T. turned to me and whispered "I guess this is where we blow smoke up our own asses." You gotta love her. K.T. is such a great talent. Her songs are at times powerful, fun, poignant, and, always meaningful. Good for producerHarold Shedd for bringing Joe Galante to her and good for Joe for inking the contract." -Ralph Emery

I will be adding alot more soon. If anyone knows some good KT humorous quotes, e-mail me.

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