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Female Wisdom

Female Wisdom, THE significant event of last 500 years. Welcome to my page. I am Tara Brigit Morrigan O'Sullivan. The Age of Aquarius with its rise of Female Wisdom to a position of power is upon us. I consider this the most important occurrence of the last 500 years. Consider the salient differences in the natures of men and women. Men are more aggressive and competitive than women. Women are more nurturing and consensus building than men. Is it any wonder the collective unconscious of all humanity is slowly realizing that such female traits MUST GAIN DOMINANCE IN EACH OF US if we are to avoid ecological disaster and future wars that will destroy all? Yet the rise of female power and the acceptance of female wisdom will change drastically our politics, culture, and religions. Already it is setting off fears (and with good reason) among fundamentalists of the three major religions of the occidental world. I wish to investigate further how to speed the changes so that we might more quickly enjoy a nuturing peace and stability and an acceptance of the worth of each individual.

Won't you join me?

And if you wonder why I am in this pursuit, I would respond: how could one who bears the names of three Goddesses NOT pursue such matters.

TARA: Indo-European name of the primal Goddess Earth, known from India to Ireland; cognate with Latin Terra Mater, Hebrew Terah, Gaulish Taranis, Etruscan Turan. Tantric Buddhists in Tibet still pray to Mother Tara. The above image is a good representation of the essence of Tara.

BRIGIT: Triple Goddess of the great Celtic empire of Brigantia, which included parts of Spain, France, and the British Isles. Brigit was older than Celtic Ireland, having come with Gaelic Celts from their original home in Galatia. One of her earliest shrines was Brigeto in Illyricum. Long before the Christian era, the Goddess of the Brigantes was said to be the same as Juno Regina, Queen of Heaven. Finding Brigit impossible to eradicate, the Catholic church made her a saint.

MORRIGAN: The Triple Goddess Morgan in Ireland, with usually her death Goddess aspect overpowering her other traits. She was Morgan the Fate, or Fata Morgana, or Morgue la Faye, or Morrighan. Late romances deprived Morgan/Morrigan of her divinity and made her human, just as the Great Goddess Mari became a mortal virgin Mary. Morgan became Arthur's sister. An old word for witches' spells, "glamor", came from Glamorgan, the Goddess' sacred territory in Wales.

Please try my Places to Visit. You will find most have links to dozens or even hundreds of fine sites.

And if you are interested in discussing Female Wisdom, please contact me via e-mail.

Incidentally, I have received several e-mails with THREE PRINCIPAL SUGGESTIONS. The first is a request to explain what the h--- the Age of Aquarius is all about. A second is to quit bad-mouthing men. The third is to go into detail about why Wisdom has always been associated with goddesses and not gods. There is a secondary question to that last query. It involves the now nasty word CUNT and whether it is related to the Oriental Goddess of Wisdom, Cunti. The answer to that is yes and I will go into detail about it soon.

In response to the query about Aquarius I am posting a page on the matter.

I shall also be adding pages about Goddesses and their association with wisdom, sexuality and why western religions repress it, and predictions on what the changes underway portend for the future.

*****I wish to give full credit for the many fine images I have collected. The image on this page is entitled MOTHER NATURE and comes from Jim Warren and you will find even more wonderful images on his site. *****

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