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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Updated- August 18

We knew he was up to somthing, and know we will finally know what. This week, Stefano's actions changes everybody's lives. He tells everyone that he knows of a cure for Roman's illness. And if he gives it to them, he wants somthing in return. His Freedom. John has to decide if he wants to let his enemy go to save his friend.

Hope confronts Stefano about what he has done to Jennifer and Jack, and Stefano tells her he can reuinte her with Bo! Hope refuses, And she wonders why he wants to help her.

Lexi also visits Stefano, to find out who she really is. Power is the thing that Stefano claimes will get to Lexi.

Meanwhile, the DA says there is no way Stefano will get out of going to prison. But does this mean that Roman will die?


Good and evil are on there way to forming an alliance as John arranges for Stefano to be released from prison. Marlena fears that John is falling into a trap. Stefano and Kristen depart for a distant island,the location of where Roman's cure is. Kristen claims she is doing this out of concern for Roman's life. Hope also joins the trip-only to keep an eye on Stefano.

Sister Mary Moira Banks will come for another visit and insist that Susan tell her who the father of her baby is. When the shocking truth is revealed, It will completly shock everyone in Salem!

Bo will discover that Billie is back on drugs. Will he belive it was Max's doing?

Sami and Austin are getting married.Again. Austin belives he has really fallen for Sami, when Carrie finds this all out, she try's to stop the marrige before it happens.

Last week review------
Many lives will be changed this week in Salem....
First of all, Kate's past is revealed,and the future comes straight down on her. Kate is going to be revealed as a cheap call girl,and somthing even more shocking is that she is the one who hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope! Kate makes it clear to Sami that she is not going to be blackmailed by anyone. But Sami knows alot more than Kate thinks. Sami soon get's all the evidence she needs when Franco calls Kate. But later on, Kate decides to risk her future to make Austin happy with Carrie......

Stefano is captured by John and brought to the Dimera Mansion to see everyone. It's very obvious that Stefano has a plan,he would not have givin up so easily if he didn't.Jack and Jennifer throw a party to celebrate Stefano's arrest(they have alot of these lately) And guess who's watching? Travis. Travis also tried to contact Stefano's men to plot there next move.
On the day of his hearing, Jack await's the judge's ruling. But he knows that if Kristen and Stefano don't admit that Peter's alive,he has no luck. Marlena and John try to get Kristen to admit that Peter is alive,but afraid of what Stefano might do to her,she lies in court.
Austin and Sami visit Roman,who is getting weaker,Roman says that he would like to see Sami married before he passes on,and Austin takes those words to seriously,and later proposes to Sami......

Monday-Billie refuses to go back to Salem with Bo.
Tuesday-Hope confronts Stefano.
Wednesday-Stefano claimes he knows of a cure for Roman...
Thursday-everyone prepares for Austin and Sami's wedding.
Friday- Carrie saves MIKE"S Life.

Sami and Austin are about to walk down the aisile. Carrie and Eric try to stop it.

RUMORS Just added-August 18-
Peter is rumored to be returning soon
Eileen Davidson is joining Sunset Beach after leaving days. Just added--- August 11 Mellisa Reeves might be returning to the role of Jennifer.....
Franco may kidnap ShawnD.......
Sami might start helping Kristen break up John and Marlena....
Mike is going to find out Will's bloodtype in 2 weeks.....
RUMORS FROM AUG. 1........
Jude is returning soon...... and the possibilty that he is Franco's boss has been questioned.
Peter is really Travis/Trent.........This seems quite impossible though....
Gerald Hopkins is going to be the new Jack....also rumored to be the new Jack is Matthew Ashford returning to the role......

Krista Allen Morrit(Billie Reed Brady) gave birth to her first child on June 12th at 8:20pm.The baby,a boy named Jacob Nolan Morrit weighed lbs. 1oz. and measured 20 inches! The new mother went through 21 hours of labor.Justin Morrit,her husband was with her the whole time.


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