When the Realm of the Dreamers was originally thought of, it was nothing more than a younger girl playing with webpages. Now it's an entirely different thing. I'm constantly updating, always thinking, adding, making room for more. I've linked a few of my latest efforts to this page and also linked my other pages as well. I write, therefore I am. This page is the product of a mind with a wide variety of thought, filled with joy. Fantasy, science fiction, horror: Those are my genre. I give my thoughts to you, my friends, as gifts. Use them as you will.

On more newly added pages, you will find links (currently under construction) to other things that influence not only my life, but may influence yours as well. Read on, dear viewer, you may find your home.....Here is a partial listing of my work:

South Hell Please check out my new pages at Geocities.

MUSIC!!! - New area with tunes on pages. Hope you enjoy them!!!

The Neverending Serial - A science fiction/fantasy story written in installments (As of January 3, 2002, this serial will no longer be available *I am going to expand it and make it a novel*, so if you want to read this, you'll have to get in FAST!)

My Tripod page...more good links

An Unnamed (Yet) Novella I am working on.

The Good Wife - A poem

It's a Dog's Life - Comedy

Majicklady's Majick Cavern - Writer's Haven and Bipolar Help Area

MajickLady's Picture Pages - a few old family pics

Picture Page 2000 - My new Family Album

MajicksPlace At MSN

This is Johnny and I at one of our haunts. Hope this one is the last one. Don't you?

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