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Jem was another one of the cartoons that used kindness and friendship to beat the bad guys, but unlike the other cartoons Jem had cool rocker characters.


This is Jerrica. She's the alter ego of Jem. She keeps her life as Jem a secret and tries to focus on her parent's business while she's Jerrica

This is the wonderful Jem. She's the leader of the Holograms and she struggles to keep her real identitiy a secret.

This is Jerrica's younger sister, Kimber. She's always trying to break out from under her sister's shadow, but she's there for her friends when there's trouble.

This is Aja. She's one of the Holograms. She's hotheaded and stubborn but she sticks up for her friends.

This is the last member of the Holograms, Shana. She's a bit shy but she puts up a fight when it comes to defending her friends.

This is Jerrica's boyfriend, Rio. He happens to also be in love with Jem, but he doesn't know that Jerrica and Jem are the same person.

Here's a picture of the three holograms together.


This is Pizzaz she's the leader of the misfits. Jem and the Holograms rivals. She's as mean as they come and she wants Jem out of the picture.

This is Roxy. She's just as mean as Pizzaz but she's not the leader Pizzaz is so she follows Pizzaz into whatever trouble she comes up with.

This is Stormer. She's a misfit but she's actually nice. She just realizes that Pizzaz and Roxy need her so she sticks with her friends out of loyalty.

This is a picture of the Mistfits.