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Lammas Festival - The Battle of the Dragon

An Ancient European Celebration

30 July -1 Aug 99

On Saturday Night: A brave knight walks into the darkness. To face a great and terrible enemy.... the dragon. Come see his battle!

This festival is under planning sooooo... what would you like to see at this festival? Please email me your suggestions. Who knows I might say yes!


Dragons, fire, lava, nuclear radiation, and other fire beings are all citizens of the Kingdom of Dragons.

Dragons exist in all societies. Scientists, historians, and anthropologists have no explanation for this wide spread knowledge of dragons, but Carl Sagon has a reason for this phenomena. His reason - dragons are memories from the time of the dinosaurs. He calls it "mammalian memory" that we genetically inherited from our ancestors. I disagree. Dragons are real and they do exist today; that's why everybody knows about them.

Strabo in The Geography and Pliny in Natural History both attested to the factual existence of dragons. In 450 AD, The Historia Regum Britanniae, records that King Vortigern of the Britons discovered two dragons while building a tower. In 793 AD, The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle describes fire dragons near the Northumberlands of Britain. On 30 Nov. 1222, dragons were observed flying over London. Edward Topsell in 1608 reported that dragons had caused fires and poisoned wells in some cities located in Germany. In 1544 Sebastian Munster wrote Cosmographia Universalis, that described dragons and basilisks. The great Swiss naturalist Conrad Gesner, in Historia Animalium (1551-87), described winged dragons.

Battles with dragons occur throughout history. The Norse God, Thor, had Jormungandr on a chain and was about to crush it with his hammer when the chain broke and the dragon escaped. Marduk killed Tiamat with an arrow. The Egyptian God, Ra, battles the dragon, Apep, each dawn for the salvation of the earth. Apollo killed Python. Saint George killed a dragon on 23 April at Dragons Hill, Berkshire, England. During his conquests, Alexander the Great fought many dragons. Old King Beowulf fought the Grendal. Even Jehovah fought against Leviathan, but was unable to kill it. But Jehovah promises that they would fight again in Isaiah 27:1 "In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that [is] in the sea."

In Grimm's, The Two Brothers, it shows that your guardian spirit also can fight against the Dragons of your life. In The Two Brothers a rabbit spirit gave the dragon quite a difficult time! One would not think a rabbit could do much damage, but he did. So you should not think of any guardian spirit as weak because of its appearance. You're guardian may appear harmless such as a rabbit, but your rabbit guardian spirit may be the meanest thing in the neighborhood.

Battles with dragons may represent the things that need to be destroyed in your life. Smoking, grinking, drug-use, or any destructive behavior may be the dragon that you must slay.

However, keep in mind that not all dragons should be slain! For dragons are often guarding treasures, rubies, jewels, even sleeping on beds of gold coins. These treasures are knowledge and your dragon spirit can reveal much knowledge to you. For knowledge is power indeed.

Many tales speak of a fair maiden, princess, or old woman held captive by a dragon with many good knights questing to rescue her. The maiden guarded by the dragon represents many ideas, truth, wisdom, peace after conflict, goals achieved, the reward of good heath after kicking a bad habit, and to some ancient traditions - the Goddess!

Dragons are associated with fire. Fire causes light, illumination, heat, and destruction, therefore fire is the element of change. Nothing purifies like fire. The strongest metals are made from it and so are the strongest people.

Fire in its destructive form, destroys the outdated and obsolete so new change can grow.

The dragons' lesson for us is truth. The dragon reminds us to standup for the truth even if the whole world says you're wrong and you will need the strength of the dragon to do that. Which reminds me of another old saying, "The truth may not make you any friends, but it sure does influence people."

How do you see dragons? In the heavy smoke of a fire.

Copyright 1993 by Nathan D. Crisp. This text may be copied and reproduced only if a link to this campground is provided.

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