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This movie is the second and final installment of the Once Upon a Time in Mexico series. In this movie, the main character,  "El Mariachi," who is a former assassin who is forced to return to his killing ways after the Mexican army general who killed his wife and child is hired by a drug cartel. Mariachi wants to avenge their deaths, especially after the general starts a military coup against the president of Mexico. This is definitely a great action movie, with many gunfights and Jeep pickups. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars. Sorry for the low picture quality, because I was just taking pictures of my TV.

This  strange truck appears several times in the movie in scenes involving the cartel and the Mexican army. It is a Jeep J-truck with a CJ front end. Note that the original front fenders of the CJ front end were not wide enough, so they were obviously widened. Mounted in the bed is a recoilless rifle. Note the side spare tire mount, absence of a roof, and CJ-like split windshield.

UPDATE: This vehicle was actually called the "chassis largo" and was produced by VAM. Any other info would be appreciated.

A worse shot of the truck, this time seen as a troop carrier. Note that it has the bows for the tarp that would cover the troop, but there is no tarp. I think that the front end might be that of a Jeep CJ-6.

This is the worst shot that I have. It is of the Cartel making a getaway. In the front you can see the same truck that was pictured in the first two photos. In back of that there is a red AMC J-10, and in back of that where you can't really see is a blue Kaiser-Jeep Gladiator.

There are many more scenes that picture Jeep Gladiators, J-trucks, and the CJ/J-truck "crossover," but I was unable to get pictures of them because I had to return it. I would recommend this movie, so if you are looking for a great action movie, or a great Jeep movie, this is perfect for you.

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