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This page features prototype Jeep Pickups, interesting Jeep facts, If you can't see all of a picture, use the scroll bar at the bottom. Sorry for the inconvenience!

A Jeep Dispatcher pickup. This was a prototype designed by Brooks Stevens. Unlike other Jeeps, the Dispatcher, also known as the DJ, was 2-wheel drive. These vehicles are now commonly known as "postal Jeeps", due to the fact that they were used by U.S. Postal carriers until the 1990's.  However, this truck never made it past the prototype stage.


this is a prototype for an FC tractor trailer. This vehicle looks very similar to the FC-190, so I think it could possibly be one.

A prototype for an FC-150 convertible. Wouldn't it be cool if they actually made this one? I can assume that it is from 1956, due to the license plate.


This is the I.V.I. It was an effort by Jeep to develop a low cost vehicle that could be sold in 3rd world countries. On the door, it says "Wide Trac". I would imagine that people in 3rd world countries would not know what that meant. This picture is huge so I have made it a thumbnail. Click on it to view the full size picture.

Another I.V.I. This one has a camper on it. It really stinks that they never made this vehicle, it is one of the best looking trucks that I have ever seen. This picture is huge so I have made it a thumbnail. Click on it to view the full size picture.

Here is a concept for the J-Series trucks from 1959.

Here is a photo of the concept that became

the Wrangler Unlimited. 


This is a model of a Jeep J-10 pickup that was made by Revell-Monogram. It was called pink poison.

This is the Jeep Brute. To get it, you have to send your Wrangler to some company called AEV for transformation. However, Jeep says that if they get enough orders from them, they could hit Jeep showrooms.

This is a Jeep KirkWood edition. It appears to be based on Grand Cherokee. It is like the Chevy Avalanche, with a small bed and a midgate that can extend the cargo area. It was seen at the 2000 SEMA auto show.




This is a extra-wide FC that I found on . It is for sale somewhere in Oregon. Is this a prototype? Or is it just a custom? Note that it kind of looks similar to the I.V.I. "wide track"            



This is a prototype made by Mosler Automotive a few years back of a pickup like vehicle. It used Jeep and Chevrolet parts. Oddly enough it was called the J-10. Go figure. You can see the page for this truck on Mosler's website here.

This is the Jeep Cowboy. It is a small pickup with an AMC Hornet front end. It's a shame they never made this. It looks pretty cool.

Just when you thought the Jeep Pickup was dead....... This is the brand new concept by Jeep for the NEW gladiator. It runs on a 2.8L inline-four turbodiesel, has a six speed manual tranny, has a part time transfer case. Its suspension is that of the link type with coilovers and sits on WJ Dana 30s in front and WJ Dana 44s in the rear. To top it all of, this truck rides on 18*8 wheels and 33.6 inch diameter) tires.This picture is huge so I have made it a thumbnail. Click on it to view the full size picture.


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