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Jeeps in Sahara


I just saw the movie Sahara, and lets just say that this movie is a Jeep Lover's dream. There are Jeeps every which way in this movie due to the fact that Jeep sponsored it. For pickups, this movie featured a Jeep Comanche, as well as several other J-trucks which can be seen in the background in a few shots. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is also featured in this movie. For other Jeeps, there is an FSJ Cherokee and at the beginning of the movie, there is a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee belonging to the world health organization, as well as a long wheelbase Jeep CJ3B. Other vehicles of interest include M151 "mutt" Jeeps (actually made by Ford) used by the Tureg rebels who also bizarrely have a humvee pickup. A Kaiser-Jeep M-series troop carrier also makes an appearance in Sahara, also used by the Tureg. The Nigerians have a lot of equipment used by the U.S. in Vietnam such as UH-1 "Huey" helicopters, Patton tanks, and Bradley APCs. The movie itself is very good, full of action (and Jeeps), and there is some form of kolashnikov weapon in about every scene. However, my dislikes are that sadly, the FSJ Cherokee and Comanche pickup are savagely burned by the Nigerians to cover up their murder of some W.H.O personnel. Also, the guy playing Dirk Pitt is not fit for the job. The other actors, however, were very good. I would definitely give this movie at least 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this movie to anybody who likes action movies as well as Jeeps.

Out of 5




This is the CJ-3B that was used in Sahara. The heroes buy it from a man at a gas station for a gold coin that they found.

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited as seen in Sahara. It has a very minor role in the movie, and is surrendered to the Tureg soon after they steal it from the Nigerians

This truck is similar to the Kaiser M-series truck used by the Tureg in Sahara. However, the one in the movie is olive-drab, but is in similar condition. I chose this picture because this picture is in the desert, and I thought that that would go better with the desert theme of the movie. This picture is actually in Pakistan. I could not get any pictures of the actual vehicles because I couldn't get any pictures of them from the internet because the movie is not yet out on video.

A humvee that has the body style of the kind on Sahara.

The M151 "mutt" Jeep, actually made by Ford. The Tureg use these covered in brush for camouflage in the movie. However, they are not in any action scenes and can only be seen when the heroes are taken to the Tureg village. 

A FSJ Cherokee almost exactly like the one featured in the movie. However, the one on the movie has off road lights on the grille and front bumper.

The W.H.O Jeep Grand Cherokee, similar to this, can be seen at the beginning of the movie.

Jeep Comanche. This is similar to the one in the movie in the fact that the wheels are the same and that it is red. It is different because the one on the movie has lights on the roof and bumper and is missing the hood for some reason never explained in the movie, though it could perhaps be for better engine cooling.

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