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In 1947, Willys-Overland introduced their new line of 1 ton and 1/2 ton trucks. They sold well. Things went on like that until 1953. In 1953 Kaiser bought Willys for $62 million. They continued to produce the 1 and 1/2 ton trucks until 1965, by which time the company had been renamed Kaiser-Jeep. Another important release by Willys was the FC-series truck, introduced in 1957. These were produced until 1966, also ending production under the Kaiser name. The FC was Willys' last major accomplisment, with the changing of the company's name to Kaiser-Jeep in 1963.

Willys-Jeep lineup from 1960


1949 Willys 1/2 Ton Pickup photo #3

Tired old 1949 Willys 1/2 ton pickup

1952 Willys 1/2 Ton Flatbed photo #4

Another tired Willys, this one is a flatbed from 1952

1952 Willys 1/2 Ton Flatbed photo #2

Here's the interior. Very utilitarian and functional.

1948 Willys Pickup

Here's 2 other views of the maroon truck

The Beginning...

1950 Willys-overland. This truck was recently restored. You can learn about it's restoration by clicking here

Different ways that you could order an FC-170, say you wanted to put a custom body on it. These different body styles were also availible on the FC-150


FC-170 DRW (Dual Rear Wheels) Rack body.


Regular Jeep FC-170

Another DRW, This one's a backhoe.

Fire Truck DRW

DRW with a load of pipes

Standard engine in the DRW, the Continental 226 cid Flathead inline six cylinder engine

Tractor Trailer FC-150

Normal FC-150

Advertisement for FC-150

An add for the FC-150 when it was first introduced

Willys brochure from 1954

Willys-Jeep FC-170. The source I got it from says that it is a 1963. It appears to have some kind of utility body on the back.

A 1948 advertisement for Willys trucks. The Willys-Jeep truck and station wagon were some of the first vehicles that Willys produced after WWII.

Advertisement made by the Ottawa Steel Division located in Ottawa, Kansas, for an FC-170 backhoe. Note that the top picture is not an FC-170 DRW as the bottom picture is. This advertisement is from 1958 and was spotted on a recent Ebay auction.


An FC-170 sans bed that i saw on an Ebay auction recently. As you can see, this truck is very rusty and would require a thorough restoration to be in perfect shape.


An FC-170 I spotted on Ebay. The auction said that it had a factory installed dump bed, but the latest owner had removed the hydraulics. You can see some more FCs in the background


Some FC-170 adverts that I spotted on Ebay. Lately, I have found many interesting Jeep items on Ebay.



Some old ads for ramsey winches. I found them on ebay. The winches were available for all jeep models at the time.


I found this sadistic impression of a Mack truck on Ebay. It is a 1961 FC-170 that someone tried to dress up as a Mack truck but failed miserably. It appears that the original grille may still be under the mack one, and if you took off all of the mack ornamentation, this could be a great candidate for a restoration. The paint appears to be non-original. According to the ad it had been in storage for 20 years and had not been started in 10 years.


A FC-170 DRW recently spotted on Ebay. It is in very good shape, with no visible rust, but I don't think that the 2-tone black and green paint is stock. This looks like it is a very solid vehicle, and it would be a great work/farm vehicle, or a great restoration candidate.



I would like to thank for some of the info and pictures of Jeep Forward Controls.

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