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this page is dedicated to all of the brave men and women serving in the armed forces overseas. come home soon!


sorry if the pictures are a little dark. This is my first time using a scanner!

"One of several locally produced Jeep vehicles in turkey: 1-ton 4x4 "gladiator", 1968. 6cyl, 140 bhp, 3F1r *2, wb 126in. Most mechanical components were imported from USA. Also 1 1/2 ton version w/ dual rear tires." From: The Observer's Military Vehicles Directory From 1945  By: Bart H. Vanderveen

"Truck,1 1/4 ton, 4x4, Cargo (Jeep J200) 6-cyl, 145 bhp, 3F1R x2, wb 120 in., 193 1/2x79x 94 1/2 in, 3981 lb, GVW 7000 lb, Tires 7.00-16.  Pseudo-military cargo/personnel carrier version of J2700 Jeep "Gladiator" (1965) from which M715 was derived in 1966-67."                   Also from T.O.M.V.D.from. 1945 

some weird Ford M151 "mutt"s
"Truck, 1 1/4 ton, 4x4, cargo, M715 (Kaiser Jeep) 6-cyl, 132.5 bhp,  4F1Rx2, wb 126 in, 209 3/4 x 85 x 95  (59) in, 5500 lb.    7500-lb capacity front-mounted winch optional. Interim successor to 3/4 tin M37 Also: M724 (chassis-cab) and M726 (maintenance truck)

"Truck, 1-ton, 4x4, Cargo, w/4d. Cab, XM677 (Kaiser Jeep FC-170) Cerlist 3-cyl. 2-stroke diesel, 83 bhp, 3F1R x 2, 7.50-16  On same chassis: XM676 (single cab), XM678 (carryall), and XM679 (ambulance), all for US Navy, 1962. "Powr-Lok" diffs. Front and Rear.

This is one of the more unusual vehicles, as it was not built by Jeep. It was built by a company called The Canadian-American Truck Company, located in New York City. It was called the Jumbo Jeep. Jumbo Jeeps were 4 to 5 ton trucks. But, though it is not a Jeep, we gave it some exceptions due to the fact that it has a Jeep-like grille and that it has the word Jeep in its name. It was tested by the U.S. Army, but found unsatisfactory due to poor visibility, a very large turning radius, and a primitive, crude cab. Picture is from the book U.S. Military Wheeled Vehicles

Another Jumbo Jeep, this one a flatbed. This one failed also, due to the fact that the axles failed during testing. Note the cab differences between this one and the Jumbo Jeep above.

A Jeep J20 Ambulance. To see more pictures of it, click here.

This is the new Jeep TJL. It will be used first by the Egyptian Army. To see it's technical specification, click here.  Make sure to check

out the website that the specs are on. It's pretty good.

An M715 that was used by a forestry company. This truck and the following M715s are for sale on

The back of the above M715.

An M715 that was used by a fire department.

It appears to have a tank and pump of some sort on the back.

This M715 was also used by a fire department, as you can see by the 911 decal on the rear.

This M715 has a fiberglass top. I am not sure of whether this is stock or not.

As you can see, this M715 was used by a fire department. Though successful in fire departments, M715s were more or less a failure on the battlefield and were not used very long.

Yes, this M715 was too used by a fire department. What a shame that all of these fire departments are selling of all of these rugged M715s, only to be bought by the scrapper, melted, and used to make a mixer.

This M715 looks like it got into a battle with a can of spray paint and lost. If you look closely, you can still see the remnants of a U.S.A. military star on the door.


This is a J-truck that I found on a government surplus website. It says that it is "of an unknown year" but I would identify it as one from the early 1980's. That is about all I now about this truck. Were trucks like this used as administrative vehicles or something like that? Any further information on this vehicle would be appreciated. The VIN code is 1JTCE26N3BT028503, if that helps.

This is the carfax report on this truck

VIN: 1JTCE26N3BT028503
Year/Make/Model: 1981 AMERICAN MOTORS J10
Body Style: Pickup
Engine Type: 3.7L V6 2BBL OHV
Manufactured In: UNITED STATES

This thumbnail is of a mildly customized M715 that I found for sale on a Brazilian website. I am not sure whether the vehicles were produced by Willys Do Brasil or given to the Brazilian Government and then sold.

This thumbnail is one of the AM715, produced by AM general once the order was completed for the M715 in 1978. Once the contract with the U.S. Army for M715s was up, AM general started to produce this model for export. Countries like Israel used this vehicle. The AM715 featured "disc" wheels, a 131 inch wheelbase, civilian front sheet metal, and a decreased overall weight of 7,300 lbs.

This is the AM720, which ended up replacing the AM715 in once the order for them was up. This vehicle used the updated civilian sheet metal, complete with square headlights, and a more powerful engine. These were also sold to other countries, such as Egypt, where it was also produced by AAV. The AM720 was also available with the civilian bed, unlike the AM715 and M715.

Thanks to Jane's military vehicle 1986 ed. and US military wheeled vehicles by Fred W. Crimson for much of this information.

These are 2 very unique pictures that I recently found online. They are of some Jeep J-trucks serving in the Lebanese army in Lebanon. I do not know if these perform administrative or combat duties, but nonetheless they are still very unique vehicles. These pictures were taken in 1982.

This truck here is an ex- US Navy Jeep J-20. Note the wood stake sides, the triangle decal on the door and front bumper, and the spray paint touch-ups on the paint. I bet that this truck was ordered in the same shipment as the J-20 that I found on a gov't surplus website. Perhaps the Navy ordered a large quantity of these trucks during the 1980's?


This is a 1967 M715, possibly owned by a fire department, found on ebay. Note the extremely large bumper on this vehicle, which could have been used for a large number of things, none of which I currently know. Note the large speaker on the roof, as well as the hardtop.


On ebay, I recently spotted this M677. It is all stock aside from the front axle, which comes from a DRW, and the bed, which is an aftermarket dump body of some kind. A truly rare find. The vehicle was owned by some farmers who used it to transport firewood.

This M715 was in use by the army of Thailand. It was probably not assembled there, it was more likely built in the USA and provided to Thailand under the military assistance program.

This M725 ambulance was used by The Israeli Defense forces in the 1973 Golan Heights Conflict. This could have been built by Haifa-Willys or AIL but it is more likely an American-Made vehicle provided to Israel under the military assistance program.


Several J-series trucks that were for sale on a government liquidation site. Note the shelter-type body on the truck in the top right picture. These vehicles were for sale to foreign governments only and one had to buy the whole lot and not just one vehicle.

The M715 will soon be making its video game debut in 2007 when this game, as of right now untitled, will be released by naughty dog studios for the Playstation 3. Perhaps this will introduce the M715 to a younger crowd, and keep people interested in these vehicles.