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Keohwa was a company located in Seoul, South Korea, that assembled vehicles under license from Jeep. These vehicles, unlike those assembled by Kia, are exactly the same as their Jeep counterparts. The Jeep vehicles that they assembled were the J20/AM715 and the CJ5/CJ6 for military applications. Whether there were civilian versions is unknown. However, Keohwa produced some pretty strange vehicles, such as a CJ-6 based pickup truck, as well as a double cab M715-type vehicle. Keohwa was bought out by Ssangyong Motors in 1986, which produced the CJ vehicles for civilian use into the early 90's but never did produce the J-series trucks. All of the details provided for the vehicles on this page come from the book World Directory of Modern Military Vehicles  by Bart Vanderveen.

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"Truck, 1.25-ton, 4x4, Command (Keohwa M-20GL). 6-cyl, 4.2 liter petrol engine with 4F1R gearbox and 2-speed transfer box. Diff. Lock in rear axle. Disc/Drum Brakes. Wheelbase 3330 mm. Overall Dimensions 5580x2000x2050 mm. Weight 2200kg. GVW 3450 kg. 6-seater 'Command and Control' vehicle, produced in south Korea in early 1980's."

"Truck, 1.25-ton, 4x4, cargo (Keohwa M-20G1). 6-cyl. 4-liter petrol engine with 4F1R gearbox and 2-speed transfer box. Wheelbase 3330 mm. Overall dimensions 5360x2295x2290 mm. Weight 2200 kg. GVW 3450 kg. Max speed 130 km/h. Power Steering. Produced under US license in S. Korea, also with ambulance and command car bodywork. Early 1980s."

"Truck, 1.25-ton, 4x4, Ambulance (Keohwa M-20G6). 6-cyl. 4.2 Liter petrol engine with 4F1R gearbox and 2-speed transfer box. Wheelbase 3330 mm. Overall dimensions 5360x2000x2500 mm. Weight 2400 kg. GVW 3650 kg. Max. Speed 130 km/h. Accommodation for 2 stretchers and 4 sitting patients. Available with oxygen inhalers and air-conditioning system."

This is a scan of a whole page from the World Directory of Modern Military Vehicles  that is about the Keohwa M-5 and M-7, which was their version of the CJ5 and CJ7. While not a pickup, these vehicles differ in detail from the North American versions of the jeeps, such as the square fenders in back and the headlight covers on the vehicles.

This is a copy of a page from that same book about the Keohwa M-series vehicles, which was the long wheelbase "scrambler" type version of the M-5 and M-7. However, unique to these vehicles is the addition of a "pickup" type vehicle (at top). This was never featured on any North American Models.

A civilian version of the M-7 pickup truck offered by Keohwa in the 1980s. I assume that it shared technical specs with the above Keohwa M7 vehicles.

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