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Basically, after Chrysler bought Jeep in 1987, the only pickup produced by Jeep was the Comanche. However, a few

hundred J-10s and J-20s were also produced that year (1987-88). But now, with the introduction of the new Wrangler unlimited and the new Jeep Gladiator concept, DaimlerChrysler may be well on its way to producing a new full-size pickup.

One of the few rare 1987-1988 Jeep J-10s. Only 1056 J-Series trucks were produced that year.


A 1990 Jeep Comanche.

1987 Comanche. It is for sale in Germany (note those snazzy wheels).  You can view it, as well as some other American cars in Germany, by clicking on the adress:


Nice 1989 Comanche

A picture comparing the BRAND NEW Jeep Wrangler unlimited to the regular Wrangler. The Unlimited appears to be about the size of a Scrambler.



1991 Comanche Sport Truck (top) and 1992 Comanche Eliminator 4x4 (bottom).

Jeep Comanche dashboard off of the official Jeep Website.

Some of the Comanche models. From official Jeep Website.

Top (Left-Right)- Comanche Chief shortbed, Comanche Pioneer Longbed.

Bottom (Left-Right)- Comanche Pioneer 2-tone premium shortbed, Comanche Laredo longbed 2-tone sport.


Jeep Thunderchief. It was a prototype built by Jeep in 1987 for a possible "street truck" package for the Comanche.

Custom Comanche owned by Scott Seymore.

Another 1987-1988 Jeep J-Series truck, this one is proudly serving

the fire dept. of Duxbury, MA.

Just like its older brother, the J-truck, the Comanche also got into the racing act. In the large picture, Mike Lesle drives a Comanche at the famed Baja 1000, and in the smaller picture, the Archer bros. finished one-two in the SCCA Racetruck Challenge. The ad itself is from '87 and promotes the Comanches' racing ability.


This is a custom 1988 jeep comanche dually.  It has 1992 running gear including the 4.0L engine, 4 Speed Automatic transmission with electronic shift and Power/Economy selector, and Transfer case adapted to fit the drive train and Dana 44 rear axles. It also has 4WD and an 8 ft. bed.I have seen one other comanche dually, also a custom, on the jeep dually registry.


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