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Automotive Industries Ltd. (AIL) was established in 1966 by the Automotive Equipment Group as an assembly plant for cars and trucks. Through the years, AIL has developed unique automotive design and manufacturing skills, specializing in 4x4 and 6x6 all-terrain tactical vehicles. Currently AIL sells its products mainly to the Israel Defence Forces and police, as well as to export markets. Currently, these vehicles are playing a major role in Israel's pullout from Gaza. Source:

This thumbnail is of an armored AIL Storm, essentially an Israeli YJ Scrambler, on a patrol in the West Bank at an Israeli settlement. This picture is from the August 7th edition of the Boston Sunday Globe. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

This is the standard "reconnaissance" version of the AIL Storm. Note the grille differences between the north American, "square headlight" YJ and the AIL long-wheelbase version.

This is the armored police/riot control version of the Storm, which can also be seen in the first picture. The vehicle's scrambler base is evident here. Note the mesh grille guard and windshield, which is folded down in the first picture.

This is the recoilless rifle carrier version of the AIL Storm, shown here with soft top on and off. Note the spare tire placement on the bottom pic, as well as how the soft top also covers the barrel of the recoilless rifle.

This is the non-armored hard top version of the AIL Storm, which can be used for troop or cargo carrying. Note the vents on the side of the hood.

This is from an AIL advertisement. Apparently only the military vehicles received the special grille and headlight treatment. The civilian version has the square headlights and trademark Jeep Grille.

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