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From 1945 until 1964, Scania imported all kinds of Jeeps, including pickups, into Sweden. Most of the time, tthese vehicles were modified to meet the cold climate of Sweden, or they were modified for military purposes, like the forward control trucks, which I will have a picture of very soon. The modified Forward Control truck was actually the inspiration for a vehicle still used by the Swedish armed forces, the Volvo Laplander. As of right now, I know that the FC and Willys 1 1/2 ton trucks were imported into Sweden, but I am not sure if the Gladiator was imported by Scania. Other vehicles imported by Scania include Porsches and Volkswagens.

This is a photo cut out of a brochure that I found on Ebay. It is of the 1 1/2 truck that was imported into Sweden by Scania. Note the tire chains for better traction in the snow and ice. Note the stalk-like mirror. I think that this truck has also been converted to Right-Hand steering.

Some more pictures of the 1 1/2 ton truck. Note that these trucks do not have the strange mirrors.  Especially note the truck on the bottom. It has what looks like a soft top, a folding windshield, and no doors. Could this be a possible military model? Also note the Winch mounted on the front bumper.

Thank you to Derek Redmod's great CJ3B page for this picture. It is of an FC series truck that was supplied to the Swedish prison board. It was customized to the point that the price for this truck was 3 times the original price.

This is a Jeep FC-170 modified by scania for testing by the Swedish military in 1959. The article says the rest of the info. In Jp magazine, I once saw a picture of a double-cab Swedish FC, but I did not buy the magazine, so I do not have the picture as of right now.

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