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These pickups were made in Brazil by both Jeep and Ford. They share the same mechanical specifications as other Jeep pickups, but have completely different styling. They were called "pick up jeep" from 1960 to 1970, and F-75 from 1971 to 1983, when production ended. There were also station wagon versions of these unusual vehicles, but this website is not about station wagons so they are not featured here. This is also the only website that has anything about these vehicles in English that I know of.

A  Willys Do Brasil pickup. Note the brush guard, which is very common to see on these vehicles, and the 2 separate kinds of tires.

Another stake body. The other blue truck is in immaculate condition, but appears somewhat modified. The tan truck has no doors and I have no clue about why it does not. The beefy tires suggest it was used for off-roading.

Wow! a six-wheeled Willys! I'm not sure whether it is stock, factory modification, or homemade, but very cool nonetheless. It appears it was used as a tow truck.

A 1980  Willys Do Brasil. This one appears to be restored. Note the newer brush guard.

A highly modified 1977  Willys pickup

Well, I did some researching, and I found out that the F85 is the military version of the F75. These vehicles are distinguished from their civilian counterparts by their canvas tops.

Another F85, this one is a 1966.

I think that this is an F-85. This truck has a strange grille similar to that of the American Willys trucks.

A 1975 Ford F-75. It appears to be used in some kind of off-road racing.

A nice 1963 ad for the Brazilian Willys pickup, or, as it was known then, the "Pickup Jeep" I recently found this on Ebay.

some more Willys Do Brasil pickups. One of them is a stake body. Not the differences in grill design (the red one has horizontal grill bars, while the green one has vertical bars..

This is an orange Willys. This one has a roll bar and some aftermarket lights.


An ex-army Willys Do Brasil now used for Jeep tours in Brazil


A 1978 F75.

An unknown year  Willys do Brasil pickup. It appears that it may have been used for military use at a time, but I am not sure about that. The roll bar, front bumper, and wheels and tires are probably aftermarket modifications.

This is a  Willys do Brasil F85. It is an ex-military model now used for tours. I do not know the difference between these and other Rural willys pickups built after 1970.

A 1983 F-75 "cabine dupla" or double cab in English. Not the grill differences between this and other vehicles on this page.

Another F-75 multicab. This one has an alcohol powered

motor. Note the huge "pusher type" bumper.

Customized Ford F-75. Note custom paint job and Fox Racing decal.

A Ford F-75. You can tell the difference between a Rural Ford and a

Willys by what it says on the tailgate. You can clearly see the word Ford on this

truck's tailgate.

A 1962 ad for the Pickup Jeep, this one was also found on Ebay.I apologize that the entire ad is not shown, these were the pictures posted on Ebay.


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