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In Pakistan, where the army is starting to surplus out their m715s, there is a small garage in a town called Rawalpindi that modifies them and literally turns them into monster trucks. The fender flares are enlarged, a hino diesel engine is put in, and extremely large tires and wheels are put on the vehicle. To make things even better, these beasts are actually street legal in Pakistan!

This is what the vehicles start out as- Stock M715s from military disposal yards and auction sites throughout Pakistan. Note the hardtop on the main vehicle in the picture.

Another M715 disposal yard.

This is what the vehicles look like with the addition of the large tires, wheels, and fender flares. However, the engine from a hino truck has not been added yet.

The finished product, complete with new paint, a monster spare tire, and diesel engine! Crazy, isn't it?

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