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Mahindra started out importing whole Jeeps from America in the late 1940s, and eventually started assembling CKD versions of Jeeps. Then, in the 1960s, they started to build their own Jeeps. Many of their older vehicles are still in production today, such as the old Willys CJ3B, as well as the CJ5. Until quite recently, they also built the FC series of trucks as the FC160, as well as FJ-series. To this day, Mahindra continues to manufacture both designs based off of Jeep vehicles as well as its own designs.

New Mahindra Bolero Camper. These vehicles do not appear to be Jeep based, but rather indigenously produced from Mahindra's own designs.

Mahindra Utility double-cab pickup. Note the strong Jeep resemblance in the front.

Mahindra Pickup. Note that this vehicle does not have the plastic grille cover shown on the above vehicle.

Mahindra NC 640 DP. This is one of Mahindra's many designs based off of the old Willys Cj3B, though there was never a pickup model of the 3B offered in the US.

Mahindra Champion that is offered in a pickup. Obviously, this vehicle is not Jeep-based.

Up until 1998, Mahindra offered a truck similar to the FC-150. It was called the FJ-460

Another FJ-460

Some other FJ-based vehicles offered by Mahindra at some time or another. The minibus-type vehicle is still available, however Mahindra now offers a Mitsubishi-based van that has no Jeep-related components.

A Mahindra Maxx Pickup with a load of watermelons. I think that the Maxx differs from the regular Pik-Up due to the fact that it has a longer, larger bed.

This is a toy Mahindra FJ-460 that I recently won on Ebay. I think that it is made by Siku toys, but I am not sure. I will put more pictures on as soon as possible. UPDATE: This was made by Maxwell toys, which also made the vehicle in Yellow and Blue. There may have been other colors, but I have only seen it in those 3.

The many great things one could do with their Mahindra Pik-Up. Mahindra did not leave too much out as to what was possible, and some of the uses seem a little bit bizarre.


A great brochure that I recently saw on Ebay. I wanted to bid on it but once the bid reached near $50.00 I decided that that was too much. It is not really just 4 pages, it is 44 pages and has at least one page dedicated to each Mahindra vehicle in the lineup at its time of publication, which I guess was some time in the 1960's. Anyway, it offers some great pictures of rare Jeep vehicles, such as the FC ambulance, minibus, cargo van, and airport truck. Also, if you are a CJ3B enthusiast, there are plenty of good CJ3B pictures also.

This is a Mahindra FJ-460 that has a large drill on the back that could be used for mining, oil drilling, etc. The site that I got the picture from only had specifications for the drill, not the vehicle.

Two Mahindra FJ brochures, both of which I was very close to acquiring but was outbid by 50 cents on both in the final minute. Oh well, better luck next time I guess. Anyway, the bottom picture shows a full line up of FC products. Strangely, the minibus is absent. The top picture looks like it is from the mid-late 1990s around when the vehicle was taken out of production.

This FC160 is still hard at work in India. Note the windshield difference from other pictures of the FC160, leading me to believe that this was bought as a cowl and chassis model that has a home built cab added on.

This 1974 brochure shows a Mahindra FC160 in service with Indian Airlines as a step ladder vehicle. Note the strange looking grille on this vehicle. It is possible that whoever made the illustration just drew it that way and the vehicle was never offered with that grille.


This 1960s brochure shows the many different ways that the FC160 could be equipped. Almost all of the available body styles were never available in the United States. The van models are particularly interesting as in certain shots of them in other brochures, they appear to be more boxy, but in these pictures, they appear to be more rounded. If you have any info on why this is, feel free to send us an email.

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