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I do not know much about Jeep production in Lebanon, as there does not seem to be much information about it anywhere. However, I do know that Jeeps, especially Jeep Pickups and other FSJs, played a very large role in UNIFIL, or United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. Whether they were on the front line assisting the civilians, these vehicles proved to be durable and rugged in the harsh environment they had to work in. We at the Jeep Pickups Page were lucky enough to receive an email from a man who served in Lebanon while driving A jeep J20. His story can be seen further down the page.

Though these pictures can be seen elsewhere on the site, I decided to also put them here. These pictures show just what kind of terrain that the vehicles were facing in Lebanon. Note the heavily treaded tires that can be seen particularly well on the picture on the right.

The following pictures were sent to us by Mr. Lionel Beziade, who drove this vehicle while stationed as French Soldier in Lebanon in 1990. He says that the vehicle was used for both military and humanitarian actions toward the civilians population in  South Lebanon. These are some very interesting pictures and we are happy to add them to the site,

Note the CJ8 to the left of the J20 in the bottom picture. Also, note that the picture is from 1991, by which time the J-series truck had been out of production for a few years, thus showing how these vehicles continue to work hard even after all of these years. We are very thankful for these pictures that Mr. Beziade sent us and appreciate this great addition to the site.

Here is a picture of one of the Wagoneers that was also in use by the UN in Lebanon. There were many FSJs in use by UNIFIL, as can be seen by the following pictures.

2 more pictures of UNIFIL Wagoneers. Note that the grille is different on each of the vehicles. The middle vehicle is the oldest, the top vehicle is in the middle, and the bottom vehicle is the youngest. However, FSJs were not the only Jeeps that were in use in Lebanon.

Jeep CJ8s were also in use by UNIFIL. They were probably used in correspondence with the wagoneers or J-series trucks, and I have also seen pictures of these vehicles in use as ambulances.

If you have any more information on the Jeep used by UNIFIL, or just in Lebanon in general, please send us an email at

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