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Usually when I think of Kia I think of small, low-cost cars of so-so quality, not Jeeps. But little did I know that Kia has been making the M715 since its introduction, with a few changes. Power of these vehicles now comes from a six cylinder, 115 horsepower diesel engine. Also, the vehicles now have squared-off fenders similar to those of the AM720. Also, the front grille is slightly different than that of the original M715, and as far as I know, there is no civilian version. Other Jeep vehicles produced by Kia include the Kaiser-Jeep M-series 2 1/2 ton and 5 ton trucks. The Kia M715, or KM45 series, as it is now called, is available in many different body styles, as can be seen in the photos below.

This is the standard cargo/troop carrier version of the KM45 series of trucks, called the KM450, also known in the Unites States as the M715. I am not sure about the interchangeability of parts from the M715 and this vehicle, but it is very likely. Note the squared off fenders in both the front and the back. Also, notice how the grille is rotated as to avoid any conflict with Jeep. As far as I know, these vehicles are M715 copies, not vehicles produced under license. The trucks are probably copies of vehicles that the USA sent to South Korea in an effort to assist the Koreans in patrolling the DMZ.

The many ways that one could order their Kia military vehicle of choice. I find it amazing that for the right price, one could get their own, brand new M715. Also, note the M-series 2 1/2 to 5 ton trucks produced by Kia. Kia makes just about everything for the South Korean Army, from tanks and jeeps to bicycles.

This is a nuclear/biological/chemical reconnaissance vehicle based on the KM45 series of vehicles produced by Kia. The body appears to be a modified ambulance body that was used on the American M725 ambulance in the 60's and 70's. This vehicle could come in handy in the future, due to North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

This is an Armored Car version of Kia's KM45 series truck. The wheels, body, and front grille guard have been beefed up or armored. I am pretty sure that this vehicle has a run-flat tire system. Note the three windshield wipers up front, and turret on the roof.

These are some shots from a military junkyard in the South Korea of some Kia KM45 series vehicles. This place would be a great resource for someone who needed parts for their M715, or someone who is a military vehicle collector. Note that without the grille and bed, you never would have been able to tell that the vehicle wasn't an AM720 or M715.

A picture that I got from the website of Commercial Military Systems, which apparently was a company that imported these into the United states as well as other places. However, the site has not been updated since 2000 so there is little to no hope of the company still existing. Still, it's a pretty good shot of the truck, which the company called the M715D/A.

A KM450 looking sharp somewhere at an air show in South Korea. Note the large front bumper, as well as the deuce and a half truck to the far right, which is also made by kia under license from the USA.

A picture of the KM450 that appears to have come from a manual or book of some kind. Note that though this is an older shot of the truck, it still looks exactly like the current model.

The KM450 is currently proudly serving with the ROKA in Iraq. However, a desert camo paint job might help you blend in a little better......

The Pakistani military has auctioned and sold many of its m715s, and to fill the gap left by these vehicles, they bought its nearly identical brother, the KM450.

2 Kia KM45 series vehicles, one an ambulance and the other with a shelter body, patrolling around the area of the DMZ. Note the tire chains on the ambulance. These pictures clearly show that these vehicles, though they may be a little different from its cousin the M715, still has the rugged durability of any Jeep.

In this picture of the ROKA in Iraq, one can clearly see a KM450 behind the 2 1/2 ton truck. Note the grill differences between a US M35 and the Kia 2 1/2 ton truck.

This picture shows KM450s still in Korea destined for Iraq. Due to the problems with IEDs and RPGs in Iraq, these vehicles are fitted with RPG cages and are up-armored to withstand the blast. They certainly look menacing.

An even larger amount of KM450s and 2 1/2 ton trucks destined for Iraq. To the far right, one can see 3 KM45 series shelter trucks.

Remember that company CMS? Well, this is another pic of one of their M715 D/Es, which is a KM450 with a cummins diesel engine built in america for export to developing nations. However, I can only assume this company has since closed down as their site is no longer on the web.

Kia also has a copy of the M38a1, called the KM410. This was previously mentioned on the Iranian Jeeps page as an Iranian make. That has since been corrected.

This KM45 at the DMZ sports hummer-style wheels instead of the civilian-looking wheels seen on other KM450s. Perhaps this is a new addition to the vehicles as in all of the pictures I have seen of KM450s in Iraq, they have had these wheels.

This picture shows South Korean soldiers either getting on or off of a Kia KM450 at the DMZ. Judging by how the weather looks in this picture, I would much rather be the man sitting in the cab than the ones in the back who are exposed to the elements.

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