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In the 1960s and 1970s, Jeep formed three factories in Africa: One was in Morocco, another was in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and a third was formed in South Africa. All of these factories assembles pickups at some time or another, and the South African Factory lasted the longest of the three. However, it eventually closed and for a while Volkswagen actually assembles CJ6s in South Africa. However, with Jeep being bought by DaimlerChrysler, Jeeps are once again being assembled in South Africa, but no longer markets pickups of any kind.

This picture was previously mentioned on the Australia Page as an Australian truck, but this is actually a brochure from South Africa, marketing the Jeep Gladiator. Note the difference in the rear fender from North American Models, it appears to be lower.

A picture of a real South African manufactured Gladiator, which really shows you how low that the rear fender is compared to other models. All Jeeps assembled in South Africa were RHD, similar to those sold in countries like England, Australia, and India.

This is a South African Manufactured CJ6 found in the deserts of Botswana, apparently abandoned on a wildlife preservation. CJ6s assembled in South Africa had a different rear fender from other models, and also featured a boxier rear end.

An abandoned "rhino grille" Gladiator abandoned in Namibia, sans wheels. It appears to have a rack on the back perhaps used at a time for carrying something, or as a roll cage in case of the vehicle rolling over. Now covered in junk, this Jeep is just a shadow of its former self.

The main vehicle in this picture is that of a CJ3B being dropped off at a mercenary camp in Rhodesia, bit if you look close, you can see what appears to be an FC of some sort on the barge. Does this suggest that FCs were possibly assembled at the Rhodesia factory?

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