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IKA (Industrias Kaiser SA) was founded in January 1955. Production started on April 27 1956. Most of the vehicles were 2WD. The original pickup version was known as the Baqueano. There were also things called "pickup jeeps" which appear to be pickup-type vehicles based off of the CJ chassis. In the 1970s AMC sold the plant to Renault. They produced the Jeep Gladiator as the T-80. They also continued Baqueano production. Besides this I know almost nothing else about these Jeeps.

An IKA-Renault T-80 manual.

2 IKA-Renault T-80 ads from 1969.

Another IKA T-80. Note the Gladiator-like grille.

This bizarre little truck may not be a pickup, but it was produced by IKA and it shared a grille with the Gladiator/T-80. It was called the Carguero.

1974 long Jeep







IKA long wheelbase Jeep. On the right is an IKA Baqueano

On the top is an IKA long wheelbase "pickup jeep," like the one above it. It's model designation was the Kaiser JA-2PA/B On the bottom is an IKA jeep that appears to have the back extended into a pickup body.

Another long wheelbase "pickup jeep."

Some more IKA J-trucks

Another Carguero ad. Note that it does not have the Gladiator-like grille, and looks like it was used for airport baggage transport.

An IKA Baqueno 500 with people loading or unloading propane.

The dimentions and various other things available for the IKA Baqueano 500.

A rather battered Kaiser JA-2PA/B with a tarp on the back. It appears that the windshield could swing out.

Another one, this one in much better shape with snazzy mag-style wheels.

An IKA J-truck with custom wheels I spotted on the argentine version of Ebay.

Apparently, in Argentina, IKA also made double-cab versions of the gladiator. On a strange note, there is no second door on the side for one to get into the back of the vehicle with.

One of Hubert Cossard's drawings of the double-cab IKA Gladiator. However, his site no longer works as it is offline. Please bring it back!

A hard-worked double cab Gladiator at home in Argentina.


This is a bizarre IKA Gladiator tractor-trailer. I think that it is a DRW model. Or maybe it is homemade?

Apparently IKA also built this double cab panel van. Note that this, as well as all double cabs, have rear windows but no rear doors.

A 1973 IKA double cab. This one has four doors, and the AMC-style grille. Maybe it has something to with the partnership AMC had w/ renault, because this is the only one so far that actually says IKA Renault on it (see picture of front end and look at the top of the windshield, as well as in back of the rear fender.) Note the wheels, 2-tone paint, and the words Jeep and Renault on the sides. Are these stock?


A 1964 IKA Gladiator. I found this on the Argentinean version of Ebay, called Mercadolibre. The ad said that this truck had a 6 cylinder Nissan diesel engine. I doubt that this is stock.

I also found this on Mercadolibre. It is the interior of a JA-2PA/B. It is bizarre in the fact that it has the steering wheel in the middle of the cab, unlike most cars where it is on the left or the right. Also, the padded dashboard looks strange.

Another double cab. Also from Mercadolibre. The ad says that it is a 2005 model, which is obviously incorrect. Note the luggage carrier on the top and the triple stacked taillights.

Once again, from Mercadodlibre. It is an IKA Carguero camper. I don't know if the camper is stock or not, or if it is home made.

A double cab JA-2PA/B? I have never seen one of these before. Is it stock, or possibly home made?


An IKA Gladiator with a home made cargo body similar to that of a U-Haul on it.


An IKA T-80. with an AMC-style grille and a Honcho-style paintjob. In the top picture you can clearly see the T-80 badges.

A 1978 IKA Double Cab in fair shape. Note the mismatched wheels. The front one appears to be from a YJ, and the rear one is unfamiliar to me. Note the sticker on the rear window and near the rear fender, as well as the strange light bar-like structure built on the bed.


A mildly customized IKA Carguero with a cargo body.. Note the huge visor over the windshield and the red grille. Also, the wheels look like the wheels off of a Gladiator/Forward Control DRW.

A toy IKA T-80 that is in very nice shape. Note that the toy has "patented suspension." It was made by a company that I have never heard of called Bubby. Note that the little box that the toy comes in is reminiscent of old matchbox cars.


A collection of various IKA Gladiator photos that I have gotten from mercadolibre, the Argentinean ebay. I forgot to write down the years and technical info for these trucks, so that is why I made the slideshow photo gallery.


This is a heavily modified 1964 Jeep Gladiator in Argentina. It has combat wheels that appear to be from some kind of WWII-era military vehicle and a Ford 221 engine in place of the original. Note the hood latch visible in the first picture, as well as the integrated front bumper.


A very rusty 1965 doble cabina still hard at work in Argentina. This vehicle stands out from other Double-Cabs as it has an interesting 2 tone paint job the style of which I have not seen on other vehicles of the same kind.


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