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From what I read on The FC Connection, freightliner, usually associated with making semi trucks, produced some special 3 door cabs for FC-170 DRWs for work on the Alsakan Pipeline. It is unknown how many of these vehicles were made, but I was able to find 2 shots of one of these elusive vehicles on the web. Enjoy!

This is a side view of the vehicle.  Notice how similar it looks to the M-677 on the military page. It appears that it was used as a tow truck for Hunt's Chevron service. The website I found this on claims that the vehicle has dual PTO winches and an L226 gas engine. The owner was asking for $4000, which seems a little high, but if you are looking for a unique vehicle, then this is the truck for you.

This is a front view of the vehicle. Note that in this picture, you can see the third door on the side of the vehicle. Why Freightliner didn't just make it a four door vehicle I do not know. 

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