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Jeeps first started being assembled in Spain in 1952 by a company called VIASA, which means VehÝculos Industriales y AgrÝcolas, S.A in spanish. I am not sure if VIASA ever made pickups, as I cannot find any records of them being produced. However, in the late 1970's VIASA was absorbed into EBRO, another spanish company. The only pickup that I know of produced by EBRO was called the Campeador. It was a forward control pickup available in either single or double cab version, which was called the Duplex, as well as a van, called the Toledo/Furgon. At some time, Hotchkiss in France also produced these vehicles, but I can't find any pictures of them. Production of these vehicles was from 1971-1985 in France.  The Ebro name was discontinued in 1980.










This is a good shot of  Ebro Campeador, as well as an Ebro Duplex (double cab). The one on the left is a single cab and the one on the right is a double cab. These vehicles were powered by the inline six super hurricane engine or a four-cylinder Perkins diesel. Not the spare tire placement on the truck on the right.

This is an Advertisement for all of Ebro's forward control cargo hauling vehicles. I do not know what the stamp is for on the top of the advertisement. The positioning of the vehicles on this advertisement is similar to that on gladiator ads of the same vintage.

This is an advertisement for the vans that Ebro produced. The cargo van was called the Furgon (Furgon means cargo in Spanish), and the passenger version was called the Toledo. Perhaps this had something to do with Jeep's Headquarters in Toledo. Chrysler claims to have invented the minivan, but by looking at this, one might think it was Jeep!

This is a statistics sheet showing various data on the Toledo, as well as the campeador. This sheet also features the dimensions of the vehicles. This vehicle was also available as a chassis-cab version.


A great Ebro brochure that I recently found on Ebay. It includes every model that Ebro had in its lineup at the time. It has many great pictures, as well as specifications for all of the vehicles.  This brochure is from 1972, I think. Note how glad that the people in the 3rd photo seem to be with their Ebro trucks. Can you blame them? Anyone would be happy to own one of these great-looking forward control trucks.


To provide a wider view of Ebro's history, I have decided to include these non-jeep based vehicles. They are really Alfa-Romeo vans, built under license by Ebro. This is also powered by the Perkins diesel that powered the Campeador. Ebro also built Ford vehicles.

This is a picture that I recently found of an Ebro Van in Italy. This makes sense because there was at a time an importer of Spanish jeeps into Italy, but I never knew that they imported this vehicle. It was used as an ambulance, hence the use of a spare tire in front because the rear doors would be blocked if it was in back. Ironically enough, the forum that I found this pic on said that The Jeep Pickups Page had a lot of good pictures and information on it and that it helped them identify the vehicle.

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