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Initially AAV was established to serve the Egyptian and Arab military forces by providing them with the much-imitated American CJ-series Jeep vehicles, the descendants of the world's first four-wheel drive military vehicle, the Willys. These were the first vehicles to roll off the AAV assembly line in 1978.
After meticulous testing, the armed forces of several arab countries chose the CJ over other vehicles .
AAV promptly started assembly, with modifications depending on clients operational requirements. The CJ's exceptional capabilities, coupled with AAV's manufacturing expertise, resulted in top-of-the-line military vehicles that avesince set the pace for similar operations in Egypt.
From 1979 To March 13/4/2004: AAV produced the follwing Jeeps:  CJ6, CJ7, CJ8, J20, Wagoneer, AM720, Wrangler, Cherokee .with a total number 33211 vehicles.
This info was taken from Arab American Vehicles' Official site,

As of right now, AAV is producing the Jeep TJL, as well as the liberty, which they call the Cherokee.


This is a photo gallery of the Jeep TJL. This is their new version of the classic military jeep but this one is thoroughly modern and based on a long-wheelbase TJ.  As you will see in the pictures it is strangely equipped with a leather interior, and all of the civilian amenities besides a radio. There is also a version of the truck with a cargo-like body on it that I guess could be used for an ambulance.

The AM720.  All of the information that applies to this truck and the one which was made and used by the US Armed Forces can be found on the military page.

A J-20 that is actually from a brochure which can be seen on the Iranian Jeep page. I figure that most foreign Jeep Pickups looked like this, with basic disc wheels and lack of brightwork.

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