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We must evolve genetically and spiritually this is our quest. Nature forces us to seek and to create to solve all our problems.
But every problem solved spawns a thousands new ones and that is what we choose to call the downward spiral of life.
This has always been an inevitable truth and there is no way to change this as it is the very essence of our existence. Seeking Wanting Building and Ruining. Mankind!
I am not impressed with this world nor am I impressed with our civilisation even though I probably should be because this is where we peak
and this is the best we will ever be and soon it is time to move on. Soon we will go into the final step of our evolution and face our biggest fear.
The next step on the evolutionary chain is self-destruction the climax of all civilisations before us
and now our own but this time our civilisation is global and that must mean the end of the world.
This will be a beautiful and loving day for mankind. Mother earth cracked open like a cheap whore. Open wide and take a cruisemissile between your thighs.
Swallow. You will be fucked by the humans to whom you gave life. Now how does it feel.
The end of the world. The rape of the world. The death of the world. It will be a glorious day and god will be up there in the sky smiling for all his work is done.
The divine comic strip ends and we never understood