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Venom in the flash

Alright boyz and galz, here are the pictures about me.... you may find the most shocking, but I don't care. Just enjoy.
-= UPDATE 01/22/2005 =-
Hola Amigos! Here's another picture for the beloved audience. If you have seen bits of it, don't be surprised ;)
-= UPDATE 01/10/2005 =-
And once again, the World is on Fire! Chapel asked me to tell you that he's sorry about using the same pics over and over, but that's what we only have at the moment. :)
-= UPDATE 01/08/2005 =-
Yet another picture without too much comment.
-= UPDATE 01/01/2005 =-
And another magnificent poster by Chapel. If you want to print it, pay us money! Lots! :)
-= UPDATE 01/01/2005 =-
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to 2005! To celebrate the new year, I have uploaded two new pictures made by Chapel. Hopefully, if we can get his digital camera fixed, we'll have a bunch of new photos to work with, so we can extend the base from which he works from. :)
-= UPDATE 09/11/2004 =-
The second picture for The City of Lights. Also, a little banner I made with the help of some of the pictures we took with Chapel. It sucks, but it's a start. (I play in the America's Army clan +EcK+ or Elite Contract Killers. Hooah!)
-= UPDATE 07/11/2004 =-
Chapel's latest picture, titled The City of Lights. I dunno why he chose the title or what it is related to. Guess nothing. But if I ever make it to being a movie star (LMAO), this will be the title! :)
-= UPDATE 03/11/2004 =-
Another Roehrig themed picture from my friend, Chapel. :) My fictional name in his book is Arduous. :)
-= UPDATE 01/11/2004 =-
Me and my friend dressed up as soldiers and made a few pics. Enjoy. :)
-= UPDATE 28/10/2004 =-
The pictures below have been taken by a friend (the writer of Roehrig Theory, who I am on with most of the pics), at his place, and he edited them later on. I find them rather cool, although I miss the details somewhat, since I am holding various guns on them. Oh well, they work. The Rainbow Group picture features two of my other College friends. :)
-= UPDATE 05/09/2004 =-
These two pictures have been taken at a wedding that I was invited to. So I dressed up pretty fancy for the boattrip the day before the wedding. Check my sexy self out!
-= UPDATE 30/08/2004 =-
The following pictures have been taken while I was on a vacation in Croatia with a few friends. I'm not going to explain them, they will speak for themselves. :)
-= UPDATE 10/06/2004 =-
These 4 pics below have been taken with a cellphone, so don't expect high quality. :)
Our new dog, Ozzy and myself, exchanging our lovekiss. (No animals or humans were hurt during the kiss, as it didn't happen, thank god.)
That's me, after my hairdresser finished her job. Pretty good I guess, but each to his own.
Something for the ladies to drool over. That's my little brother (stupid) and my dog (silly), doing what they do best. Nothing. :)
She's my grandparents' dog, but she's so bloody damn cute, I'd marry her if she was human. ;) (And that's how I imagine a decent wolf-kin.)
-= End of Update =-
That's me, your brooding hero.
Erm... well that's my bro and grandma there, but I felt like showing him... some girls may be interested. :)
That's me, along with my parents, though they are behind the bearded dude. The bearded dude is the boyfriend of one of my relatives. Though... who the fuck cares?
Oh yeah, that's me in the flash, after "some" alcohol... I would say, pretty much. :)
Alright, here comes a few pictures of my beloved dog, Morton, who died 2001 december. I will never forget him.
It's him and me, back in the old days, on a vacation to austria.
That's Morton, feeling good. :)
He was always curious, and posed for several photos with a natural talent.
Hehh, well, that's him playing with a friends' dog. No, he did not rip the little white fluffy thing into pieces. At least, not on this picture. :))
These pictures were taken on my Dad and Morton's birthday. Guess who are the 2 cute lookin' fellas on the pictures? Good guess! Dad & Morton!
Same event, another picture. Damn, Morton looks sooo cute...
And of course, don't forget, this is his birthday cake. He really deserved it. :)
Alright, this picture is just dedicated to me, being an English Bulldog fan. And no, I don't care if it's the dude Fred Durst, the dog looks much more cute!