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Description: The CPS 1500 is a good gun with lots of power. A step above the 1000, it gives you the optionof a 5 and 10X setting so you can put out a little more water if you need. I have only tried this weapon and never owned one so I can't comment on the durability. It feels nice when firing and seems like it would hold up pretty well. If you already have one of these, there seems to be no reason to buy the new 1700 since they look exactly the same with different coloring. A good general weapon for basically any situation.

Pros: Super-long range, good size/power ratio, 2 nozze settings, 5x and 10x, and a strap.

Cons: Easily snapped-off pump, a few bright colors.

Overall: Simply an awesome weapon, however, I prefer the 1000 since it's slightly easier to carry and run with. If you like the option of 10x and want a little more H2O in your reserve, then go with this. If you already own one, don't even bother with the CPS 1700, the guns are nearly identical.