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 Zapped Person

Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse

Special Assignment


Do you believe in government mind control?

Sacramento Protestors

REPORTER - Ross Blackstone
APPEARED ON - News at 5:00, News at 6:00, THE 10:00 News (11/17/00)

Imagine everywhere you go, someone is watching you, reading your thoughts, and controlling your mind.

Periodically over the past several decades, we've heard of situations when the U.S. government has experimented on human beings. Some cases have involved nuclear weapons, others, LSD and mind control. Is it possible something similar could happen to us right now without our knowledge? In this special assignment, Ross Blackstone introduces us to northern Californians who say it is and they have proof.

Sacramento Protestors 2They believe the government is sending radio waves to directly effect the unique electromagnetic waves in their brains.

Imagine everywhere you go, someone is watching you, reading your thoughts, and controlling your mind.

Pictures "Courtesy of KOVR13 News"

Full Story

Cover page from Psychotronic Golgotha,
a 1999 book by N. Ansimov

Russian Protestors

Three protest signs, left to right:

  1. Psychotronic Genocide is the work of the Central Committee Communist Party! Nuremberg-2 Inevitable!

  2. SOS! Russia is in Danger of Going Psychotronic

  3. No psychotronic weapons! no psychofascism!

Psychotronic Golgotha by by N.I. Anisimov, 1999
Russian Protestors' photos, from the book, with US protestors.

Table of Contents

Purpose of Organization
Objectives of Organization
Russian/U.S. International Coalition Formed
Russian Psychotronics Book Translation Project
Psychotronic Golgotha by by N.I. Anisimov, 1999
    Russian Protestors' photos, from the book, with comparisons to U.S. protestors
1999 Russian book on psychotronic weapons by L.I. Terehova, Moscow
September 2001 Results
Letter of Appeal to World Community from Russian human rights group
Russian federal law on electromagnetic weapons
Draft law with detailed descriptions of psychotronic weapons, Nov. 2000.
    (Many thanks to the generous translation work of Ramon Ruelas.)
Cheryl Welsh, director of Cahra listed as one of six Non-Lethal Weapons Experts in the world in UNIDIR, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research 2002 Media Guide to Disarmament in Geneva.
For full Media Guide see
Cahra is listed on page 25, or see excerpt here. Media Guide cites Welsh article "Non-lethal weapons-A global issue" at
2001 Model United Nations Conference at University of Northern Iowa, UNI, cites Cahra article. High schools from throughout Iowa and the nation come to the IHS Model UN Spring Conference held at UNI.
UNIDIR Endorsement: What it Means, July 2002 update
Cahra's work endorsed by Dr. Eldon Byrd
2002 statement about "mind control" by NIH (National Institute of Health) physician
Md. states Senator Claiborne Pell's legislative assistant and special investigative reporter explore mind control in late 80s and NIH md. examines mind control patients. Physician does not sign 2002 statement because "he does not want to become involved with victims for whom he has no help to offer". Enough questions raised that md. recommends "further scientific investigation".
Dr. Eldon Byrd 2002 letter of corroboration of NIH md. statement about mind control
Legislative assistant also corroborates md's statement about mind control but will not go public for the above reason. Investigative reporter strangely drops his mind control research. Dr. Byrd has no further information. The evidence is out there so please support Cahra with your donations.
Secrecy News by Steven Aftergood, FAS, cites Cahra
Notice to Study Participants
Study is over as of July 2002
Dec. 30, 2002, Dr. Byrd died at home, surrounded by his wife and family.
Dr. Eldon Byrd Has Cancer
First ever scientific study of mind control victims conducted by a scientist is completed, August 2002
Letter from Eric M. Meslin, Ph.D. of the NBAC
Articles by Cheryl Welsh
  1. Nonconsensual Brainwave and Personality Studies by the U.S. Government
  2. Another Arms Race?  What the Public Should Know About Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons
  3. Hi-tech intelligence tools. -Yet another Classified Intelligence Program. Similar to the FBI Cointelpro Program.
  4. Timeline of Significant Event in the History of Electromagnetic and Mind Control Technology
  5. Electromagnetic and Mind Control Technology Ex-Con Plans Class Action Suit, Claims Prisoners Brainwashed Former Prisoner Raises Question of Mind Control
  6. New 2002 Evidence confirms San Quentin ex-prisoner's 1960s claim of mind control experiment
  7. Fact Sheet and Victims.  Allegations match electromagnetic weapons technology.  Further investigation is needed.
  8. U.S. Human Rights Abuse Report:  A Classified Arms Race Between the Superpowers to Control the Human Mind and Body with Electromagnetic Technologies.
  9.  Nonlethal Weapons - A Global Issue
  10. International Documents in Support of Claims of the Existence of Electromagnetic Anti-Personnel Weapons
  11. Book: The 1950s Secret Discovery of the Code of the Brain -- U.S. and Soviet Scientists Have Developed the Key to Consciousness for Military Purposes. How The U.S. Government Won the Arms Race to Control Man
  12. Book: The ability to control your mind is a military/intelligence capability: 2000 update and International campaign
  13. Cell phones and military radiation controversy
  14. Electromagnetic Weapons: As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb
  15. List of mind control symptoms...
  16. Best video documentaries...

Contacting C.A.H.R.A.
Refer to Mind Control Forum for further information.

Purpose of Organization

Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse was formed by a group of victims of alleged nonconsensual human experimentation involving electromagnetic and neurological weapon testing programs by the U.S. and other governments. The specific purpose of this group is to stop the currently ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation by the U.S. and other governments. The group will use research and documentation, networking and organization to reach a timely solution. Victims organized this group to pool their time and resources and to network with each other, just as the Gulf War Vets and also radiation victims did.

Table of Contents

Objectives of Organization

The specific objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be:
  1. to collect government documents, books, magazine, newspaper articles and other sources of information on the topic of human experimentation, electromagnetic and neurological technologies and weapons programs;
  2. to organize and report on allegations of human rights abuses involving the topics mentioned in (a);
  3. to network with victims in order to alleviate the suffering and to exchange remedies for this issue;
  4. to network with other human rights and advocacy groups in order to find legal, legislative and international remedies;
  5. to educate the public concerning the human rights abuse and solutions to this problem;
  6. to formulate a plan to prevent this human rights abuse from recurring, including the advocacy of lawsuits and legal prosecution of guilty parties who instigate this human rights abuse;
  7. to engage in other activities related to the above concerns and to expand and re-define our goals and plans from time to time as necessary to meet the continuing challenge of human rights abuse.

Table of Contents

Contact Information


Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse
By Neurological and Electromagnetic Weapons

Please refer to Mind Control Forum for networking. If you would like to be on Cahra's mailing list, please send your contact information. Cahra is an IRS approved nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.

Cheryl Welsh

Table of Contents