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this week : why did the first five episodes of jem have 3 different versions

This Week's Topic : The First 5 Episodes!Truly OutrageousThis Week's Topic : The First 5 Episodes!

i want to know why they released 3 different versions of the First five episodes. when i got the Truly Outrageous VHS that i got from the UK , i thought that it was the first five episodes that everybody was talking about, but once i watched it was strange. About september last year i surfed the internet and found Universial Appeal . I went into this part called Extra Scenes . I went into this page and i was surprised that they added extra scenes .

The only thing was that a few weeks ago i got the first five episodes from my friend that got those episodes from the UK and they had some amazing extended scenes that maybe nobody have even seen....

This is my source only but i think these episodes were suppose to be for the , Australia & New Zealand. In December last year Jem Unlimited , this site is so outrageous , she is giving up her time to give us jem fans a chance to watch all 65 episodes. But i want to know why did they make 3 versions?

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