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In a land proscribing magic, where the tyrannical hand of power disguises itself as the law, prophecy dictates that the ultimate power of darkness shall one day return. The Devourer of Souls, long ago banished to the Void by the Wizards of Light, now breaks free of its prison. This time, there are no mages alive who can stop it.

In the small farming village of WhiteWater, you dream of an opportunity to get away from your chores for a little while. When a stranger comes to town searching for a historical relic, your quest into the nearby ruins of Mandelin quickly surpasses your expectations, drawing you deep into a world of magic and an age-old battle.

Homeland: the Stone of Night is an exciting new fantasy role-playing game for Windows 95/98. Homeland features beautiful 16-bit 3-D graphics, an intricate plot, and a huge world filled with cunning towns, forests, caves, islands, and dungeons. Its party-based system allows extensive control over character development, and the real-time combat keeps the game moving swiftly.

"It goes by many names... the Dark Death, the Soul Eater, Tamna Smrt. Bent on the strengthening of its own power through the stealing of lifeforces from living beings, it killed the bravest warriors, deceived the smartest wizards, and destroyed magic in any form."

The children were caught up in it now. The fire in their small grove cast haunting shadows on the surrounding forest. They unconciously huddled closer together, searching for the warmth and comfort of another human being. While the tale was haunting, it was one of the few history lessons he never had trouble getting the children to learn.

"No one is sure where it came from. Some suggest it was a creation of the evil Wizards." The older children touched their hands to their shoulders, in the Cross of Rejection. "Others believe it arose from the pits of the Null. But wherever it came from, to see it, to hear it, was certain, agonizing death. It is said that after the Devourer was through with a man, the only remains were a pile of ashes and his two eyes." The children cringed in grotesque fascination. "Presumably, it wanted you to see throughout the whole horrid experience, though no one ever lived through an encounted with the Soul Eater to explain. And the worst of all... it especially loved to eat children."

"Then the Wizards, evil as they were, decided even they were in danger. They gathered together and came up with a plan. They couldn't defeat it, but maybe they could trap it. Imprison it in the Null, which was presumably its home anyway. So, with their great magics, they laid the bait, the child of the most powerful wizard and sorcerress ever alive. A young wizardling, tainted by the evil of the wizards, full of the magic the Devourer craved, and a child... a perfect meal."

"The Dark Death went to the child like a hound to the scent. The trap was set partway in the Null, in order to lure the Devourer in. The trap was sprung, and the Hunter of Life was captured." The children breathed a collective sigh of relief.

"But that only began the destruction." The older children knew the next part, and crossed themselved again. "With the Devourer imprisoned, and the warriors of the world killed, the wizards now had free reign. They fought for land, for power. They fought everyone, including themselves. Most of the world was destroyed during the Wizard Wars. The evil of magic became clear. That is why we now must keep the plague of wizards from ever rising again. Wizards and sorceresses are, must be, hunted down!" Inspiring the Forces of Light from an early age was very important. He was not suprised to hear the usual question.

"But sir, what happened to the baby?" a girl asked with some sympathy. "To the wizard baby, you mean?" he replied, making clear the mistake of sympathy for a wizard. The girl cowered into the shadows, embarrassed. "The wizards would not sacrifice one of their own. It is said that at the last instant, they pulled the soul free from the body. They pulled it away from the Devourer and back into our world." He paused for dramatic effect. "They had a vessel prepared in order to contain the soul, but the child would not enter it." The younger children looked puzzled. "The soul of the wizardling left, freely wandering the world." He looked at each of the children in turn, "The Lost Soul is searching for the right vessel... it looks for the right body to contain it. At any time, a body could become inhabited by the Lost Soul." The children looked at each other in desperation.

"It is believed that the Lost Soul can only enter the body of a baby, such was the state of the body he left. When he finds the right body, the Wizard will be born again."

"People's perception greatly affects the market. When times are good, people are more free with their money. Presently, people are losing hope. They'll buy only what they have to...if they can afford it..." Tjerry mumbles under her breath, "...and steal whatever else they think they need."

Other stuff on the game...

A Brief Walkthrough of the Start of the game.

A cheat for Duplicating stuff in the game.