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"How Well Do You Know The Constitution"

.......It may be affirmed with perfect confidence that the constitutional operation of the intended government would be precisely the same if the clause was entirely obliterated as if it were repeated in every article . . . more


"Is The Bill Of Rights Necessary?"

.......It is unfortunate that a bill of rights was included with the Constitution. Due to a general misunderstanding about the Constitution at the time of its ratification, a bill of rights was . . . more


"State Citizenship Is Alive And Well"

....... Did the 14th Amendment do away with State Citizenship? If you believe this, then I would like for you to consider the following . . . more






Links To Tutorials On Legal Research


>Professor Smith's Legal Research Guide<

.......This on line tutorial will take you through the basic steps of performing legal research, from indentifying the sources of law to properly citing the authorities you find. Go


>Zimmerman's Research Guide<

.......An Online Encyclopedia for Legal Researchers. Go


>Introduction to Basic Legal Citation<

.......Learn how to properly cite legal materials. Based on the Seventeenth Edition of the "Bluebook." Go


>How To Shepardize<

.......Journal through this tutorial to discover why and how legal professionals Shepardize. Go


>Legal Research Guide: An Annotated Finding Aid For Legal Professionals<

....... Research for law or for facts. Go





Links To Websites For The Legal Researcher


*LawIdea Open Directory*

.......An extensive Legal Links Directory with over 15,000 legal related resources. Now


*LawSitus Law Search*

.......A great starting point for legal research. Just click a colored navigational button to begin. Now


*URLaw Online Research*

.......Research Federal, State and International Law. Now



.......Connect to web sites maintained by state (and federal) courts nationwide. Now


*Federal Legal Resources*

.......The name says it all. Links to web sites maintained by federal courts provided. Of interest is its links to the Rules of Court. Now


*Government On The WWW*

.......A link page listing all the courts of the world on the www. Now


*Law Research*

.......Comprehensive website providing directories to the many areas of law. Now



.......Legal website providing legal resources for the legal professional. Now




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