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Sturminster Marshall,
Kingston Lacy, and Shapwick


We are: Three rural Parishes of the Church of England, located in Dorset between Wimborne and Blandford.

Our Mission: To serve the spiritual needs of all the people who live in the parishes.


Three parishes, three villages, each keeping their own identity whilst sharing much in common, The Bridge Parishes are in some ways typical of modern rural parishes, in other ways atypical. Each church rejoices in a wide diversity of worship styles within the broad tradition of the Church of England, anchored in a firm grasp of the faith received from the fathers.


Each church does all it can to enrich the community in which she is set, and each church in turn benefits greatly from the gifts and talents of her parishioners. Thus, apart from worship, our life is marked by social events, music, art, lectures, walks, plays…

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