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Welcome to The SWAN Virtual Museum

Amateur Radio Equipment

by Gary Smith VE4YH

The purpose of this web page is to gather and display as much information as possible regarding the complete line of SWAN ENGINEERING / ELECTRONICS amateur radio equipment and accessories. As an enthusiast of Swan gear, I hope to collect and preserve the history, including pictures of each piece of equipment, a general description, specifications, schematics, parts lists, plus a hints and kinks section. As I catch up on the pages, a posting of the Swan Newsletter is on its way. The latest version is issue #9.


Swan Electronics, then Swan Engineering, began as a one man operation with Herb Johnson, then W7GRA, building the first ten single sideband Swan rigs in a garage in Benson Arizona during the winter of 1960-1961. At that time, the only other SSB Transceiver on the market was the well known Collins KWM-2, selling for considerably more money. Production continued into the 1970's with thousands of rigs being produced in Oceanside California, an affordable solution to high power SSB transceivers. .
The first ten tranceivers were serial numbered from 101-1 to 110-1, with the first nine being SW-120's operating on 20 meters, and the tenth, 110-1, being the first SW-140, operating on 40 meters. The history.






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